Coffee in Western Europe

June 2022

After the major spike in coffee sales in 2020, when Coronavirus (COVID-19) first hit the region, Western Europe saw much slower growth in 2021. The lengthy foodservice closures in 2020 and consumers spending more time at home than usual in this year saw some on-trade sales move into the retail channel. In spite of continued case number spikes in 2021, vaccination roll-outs enabled Western Europe to open up more in this year, meaning less demand for at-home coffee consumption.

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Key findings

Pandemic boosts sales of coffee in 2020…

Retail sales of coffee in Western Europe received a major boost from the pandemic, which negatively impacted sales in the foodservice channel. Lockdowns, on-trade closures and home working were all helping to push sales additional sales into a domestic setting, thereby helping drive retail sales.

…which remain higher than pre-pandemic levels in 2021

While most countries in the region saw a slowdown in growth, or even declining sales, in 2021, consumers were still buying more coffee through the retail channel in this year than they had been prior to the pandemic. COVID-19 restrictions were still in place during 2021, helping maintain strong retail demand for coffee.

Nestlé continues to lead coffee in Western Europe

Nestlé and JDP Peet’s remain at the head of the coffee rankings in Western Europe, accounting for almost half of retail value sales between them. They have a presence across the region, including in the biggest markets. They are at the forefront of emerging trends and also offer consumers a wide range of products.

Private label an important presence in the market

Private label is the third biggest player in the Western European coffee market. Where the big brands lead, private label players are happy to follow, with private label lines having seen significant investment of late, especially in the thriving fresh coffee beans and fresh ground coffee pods categories. The prime difference being that the private label products are generally cheaper than their branded counterparts, even when they venture into the premium segment.

Positive value growth expected for 2021-2026

Coffee is expected to record a positive forecast period CAGR in real value terms, while volumes will generally be close to stagnation year on year. Nevertheless, both the value and volume sales at the end of the 2021-2026 period will be above the pre-pandemic levels recorded in 2019.

Key findings
Western Europe has the highest regional sales of coffee
After 2020’s sales spike, growth rates slow again from 2021
France adds the most new sales over 2016-2021
Fresh ground coffee pods add the bulk of new sales in 2016-2021
Fresh coffee continues to dominate the market in Western Europe
Pandemic boosts retail sales of coffee in Western Europe
E-commerce makes gains during the pandemic…
…but modern grocery retailers continue to dominate coffee sales
Concentrated competitive landscape for coffee in Western Europe
Leader Nestlé continues to gain share
Germany and France the main markets for most of the top 10 players
Nestlé brands head up the rankings
Modest value growth rates expected over the forecast period
Fresh ground coffee pods will add most new sales
Dynamic growth expected for Turkey, Switzerland and Italy
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