Colour Cosmetics in Asia Pacific

August 2019

Colour cosmetics in Asia Pacific grew significantly over 2013-2018, driven by urbanisation, growing consumer sophistication and rising purchasing power. Facial make-up and lip products were the best performers in the region, supported by fashion trends. Store-based retailers have a strong position in the distribution of colour cosmetics in the region, but internet retailing is rapidly gaining relevance among consumers.

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Key findings

Asia Pacific outperforms all other regions in terms of growth in colour cosmetics

Asia Pacific is the largest regional market for colour cosmetics globally, with sales reaching USD21.5 billion in 2018. Urbanisation and increased purchasing power have heavily influenced category growth.

China and India are key markets for companies expanding in Asia Pacific

Despite strong value sales growth in China and India in recent years, these markets still offer considerable opportunities for future retail value growth, as they are relatively immature and far from before becoming saturated.

Younger generations become a strategic target

Younger generations represent an opportunity for companies operating in the region in the form of a broader consumer base and the potential to gain loyal consumers in the long term. This will be particularly important for companies operating in more mature markets, such as Japan and South Korea.

E-commerce and social media will continue to drive sales of colour cosmetics

Internet retailing continues to gain share from store-based retailers in Asia Pacific, attracting consumers with a broader range of products, price promotions and convenience. This has been further supported by the use of social media and local celebrities to engage and educate consumers on make-up routines and the latest products.

Localisation is key

Leading international companies, including Estée Lauder and LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, have strengthened their positions through localisation strategies.


Key findings

Regional Overview

Asia Pacific leads in colour cosmetics
Colour cosmetics will continue to growth in the next five years
Social media drives growth of facial make up among Japanese males
Colour cosmetics sales fall in Taiwan, following rapid growth
Lip products growth supported by “lipstick mania”
China’s absolute growth is almost five times higher than Japan’s
Apps and social media key platforms engage with younger consumers
Department stores the biggest losers to e-commerce
Store-based retailing under pressure from the internet channel

Leading Companies and Brands

Five largest companies typically command at least 40% of sales
Industry leaders see mixed performances over the review period
China becomes a key territory in colour cosmetics
Industry leaders maintain their rank through a localised strategy

Forecast Projections

China will overtake Japan as the largest colour cosmetics market
China and India offer the largest unmet potential
Competition will negatively impact growth in China
Targeting younger generations is a key strategy

Country Snapshots

China: market context
China: competitive and retail landscape
Hong Kong, China: market context
Hong Kong, China: competitive and retail landscape
Azerbaijan: market context
Azerbaijan: competitive and retail landscape
India: market context
India: competitive and retail landscape
Indonesia: market context
Indonesia: competitive and retail landscape
Japan: market context
Japan: competitive and retail landscape
Kazakhstan: market context
Kazakhstan: competitive and retail landscape
Malaysia: market context
Malaysia: competitive and retail landscape
Pakistan: market context
Pakistan: competitive and retail landscape
Philippines: market context
Philippines: competitive and retail landscape
Singapore: market context
Singapore: competitive and retail landscape
South Korea: market context
South Korea: competitive and retail landscape
Taiwan: market context
Taiwan: competitive and retail landscape
Thailand: market context
Thailand: competitive and retail landscape
Uzbekistan: market context
Uzbekistan: competitive and retail landscape
Vietnam: market context
Vietnam: competitive and retail landscape


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