Colour Cosmetics in Eastern Europe

June 2021

Eastern European sales of colour cosmetics recorded a steep decline in 2020. Measures introduced to contain the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), such as lockdowns, retail closures and mask-wearing, all had a negative impact on sales. Lip products was the worst performer, with this part of the face covered in public when mask-wearing. Colour cosmetics sales will return to positive growth from 2021, but will not reach pre-pandemic levels again before the end of the forecast period.

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Key findings

Slowing growth in the pre-pandemic years

Colour cosmetics growth in Eastern Europe had slowed in the two years prior to 2020, with sales in Russia slipping into decline, as industry players targeted price-sensitive Russian consumers with major discounting activity. Widespread discounts were also being used to attract price-conscious shoppers in Ukraine, which resulting in slowing growth here in 2019.

Steep sales decline due to COVID-19

Colour cosmetics was one of the worst-affected BPC categories by the pandemic. The measures to control the spread of COVID-19, including non-essential retail closures and lockdowns, significantly disrupted sales of colour cosmetics. Many felt no need to wear make-up, or as much as usual, when in home seclusion, ie not going out to work or for social occasions. Lip products were seen as superfluous when forced to wear a mask outside the home. Nail products did slightly better than most colour cosmetics, helped by consumers having to bring their nail care into their own homes given the closure of nail and beauty salons.

E-commerce records strong growth in 2020

E-commerce was the major “winner” among the retail channels during the pandemic in 2020, recording dynamic sales and share growth. With some store-based retail channels forced to close during lockdowns and, even when open, shops needing to implement social distancing and other safety/hygiene measures, internet retailing became particularly attractive, especially as it minimised the potential for coming into contact with the virus.

Positive growth over the forecast period

Growth rates will return to positive territory from 2021, but only at relatively modest rates, meaning that Eastern Europe will not reach its pre-pandemic sales levels again before the end of the forecast period, partly due to the continued declines expected in Russia, the region’s biggest market.

Key findings
Eastern Europe posts the slowest regional per capita decline in 2020
Eastern Europe to immediately begin a slow recovery in 2021
Lip products the worst performer during the pandemic in 2020
Major losses in Russian lip products and facial make-up
Pandemic-induced sales losses drag down the 2015-2020 performance
Russian declines already holding back the pre-2020 regional performance
Health and beauty specialist retailers account for more than half of sales
E-commerce channel almost doubles its sales share in 2020
Less fragmented competitive landscapes over 2015-2020
Direct selling players losing share
Major players all generate their greatest sales in Russia or Poland
Vivienne Sabó continues its upwards momentum in the rankings
Eastern Europe will see a return to positive growth from 2021…
…but Russian sales will continue to decline over the forecast period
Future trends to include natural ingredients and the natural look
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