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Commercial Furniture

Evaluate macro trends, business environments, regulations, GDP growth, technology changes and market drivers around the world.

Become an expert on your target markets

Every market has a unique economy which requires analysis and knowledge. Leverage the breadth of our research, spanning 210 countries worldwide.

Monitor key industry drivers, track short-term economic performance and keep an eye on fluctuating price indices and exchange rates. Understand everything about a market, from the state of the economy, employment growth and corporate profitability to office construction, technology and business process changes.

Map your customer universe

Size your potential customer base by type and country, in both B2B and B2C channels, helping you build a stronger long-term business development strategy.

Pinpoint which client sectors are expanding and declining and identify who to target next.

Compare your peers

Obtain an independent view of a company’s competitive strengths, threats, opportunities and weaknesses and uncover white spaces that competitors may already be exploiting.

Develop appropriate goals and challenge assumptions

Corporate planning requires a clear view of demand by market, region and end user.

Our research provides the strategic outlook of the commercial furniture industry, helping you set goals by region and country and use demand forecasts to test assumptions.

Inform your tactical and strategic business decisions

Assess the market potential and analyse trends influencing your industries.

Compare markets across geographies to better understand current demand, opportunities and challenges.



Using our research on business dynamics, cities, industrial, finance and trade


With our data on digital consumer, lifestyles, income and expenditure, households and population


Through our analysis and statistics on consumer finance, consumer foodservice, home and garden products and retailing

solutions for the COMMERCIAL FURNITURE industry 

Our research helps redirect assumptions and uncover new opportunities by leveraging a unique range of socioeconomic and demographic indicators. 

We help your organisation develop a complete view of the industry landscape, major and emerging competition and the economic and consumer influences driving change. 

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