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Consumer Electronics

Market research on the consumer electronics industry. Standardise...

Market research on the consumer electronics industry. Standardised and cross-comparable total market sizes, and share data, distribution and industry trends and market share ​category level information.

Strategy Briefing

Commodity Supply Chain Risks: Analysis of Sectors Most Vulnerable to Disruptions

Oct 2022

The report examines key factors in supply chain risks in metals, energy and agricultural commodities. Production, market supply concentration and political risks analysis can help to better identify potential risks and prepare for potential…

USD 1,325
Strategy Briefing

Cities Household Necessities Spending Index

Jun 2022

The briefing introduces the Cities Households Necessities Spending Index. The index ranks 1,075 cities by household expenditure on non-discretionary items, namely food, housing, and clothing and footwear. This analysis focuses on 160 major cities.…

USD 1,325
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