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Consumer Finance Global Industry Overview

December 2019

Card and electronic consumer payments continued to grow globally in 2019, at the expense of cash. Wider adoption of financial products and services across every region is fuelling this transition. Fintech has provided more inclusive financial products and services in emerging markets, and created additional value for card payments in developed markets. Asia Pacific is expected to account for the majority of forecast growth in consumer card payment value.

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Key Findings

Virtual restaurants, dark kitchens and the next steps for delivery

One of the most important shifts is the rapid rise of delivery-optimised virtual restaurants and ghost kitchens, both which will likely lead to further declines in the cost of delivered food. Over time this could lead to a tipping point, driving further acceleration in delivery sales.

Restaurants and the rise of the fresh food economy

As more occasions migrate online, an ever-larger portion of daily eating occasions involve some kind of prepared meal or snack - but not necessarily from a restaurant. Grocery retailers, tech giants food and drink manufacturers, foodservice players and others are all turning fresh ingredients into meals and snacks, on-demand.

Reimagining the physical restaurant in the age of platforms

While delivery services are still a relatively expensive luxury in many markets, this is changing, particularly as automation and innovations such as dark kitchens change the economics of delivery. This is changing the role of the physical restaurant, creating new nodes of product discovery, driving app usage, and elevating the importance of experience.

Asia as trendsetter

If the global development of foodservice in the 20th century was in part driven by American consumers in cars, in the 21th century Asian consumers with smartphones are likely to form the vanguard. From delivery to super apps to the next trendy cuisine, Asian markets can be expected to lead the way.

Plants and the new face of craft

As interest in veganism, “flexitarianism”, and plant-based products grows, restaurants are adapting, both as a means of serving new consumer needs and as a means of differentiation. As more products can be grown, fermented, and cultured in-house, restaurants have new opportunities to build, extend, and deepen their brands.


Examining five trends shaping consumer finance
Areas of opportunity
Card payment value to maintain strong growth
Card payment value by type and market
Asia Pacific drives consumer payment trends
Electronic and card payment value forecast to see similar growth
Credit and debit remain most popular card functions
Credit growing faster in Asia Pacific and North America
Credit expanding everywhere except Eastern Europe
Commercial value primarily in the US
Top two growth markets for card value
Next seven growth markets for card value
Paper payments continue to fall
Network landscape
Leading global card networks (1)
Leading global card networks (2)
Issuing landscape (1)
Issuing landscape (2)
Issuing landscape (3)
Megatrend analysis at Euromonitor International
Megatrends shaping global consumer finance
Examining five trends shaping consumer finance
Cards to account for two thirds of consumer payment value by 2024
Commercial payment opportunities unrealised in most markets
Fintech creating new channels to bank consumers
Online retail contributing to rapid m-commerce growth
Value lost to fraud on cards continues to grow globally
Regulation shaping payment policy globally
Total cards growth
Open loop pre-paid
Asia Pacific consumer payment growth
Asia Pacific card growth by function
Australasia consumer payment growth
Australasia card payment growth by function
Eastern Europe consumer payment growth
Eastern Europe card payment growth by function
Latin America consumer payment growth
Latin America card payment growth by function
Middle East and Africa consumer payment growth
Middle East and Africa card payment growth by function
North America consumer payment growth
North America card payment growth by function
Western Europe consumer payment growth
Western Europe card payment growth by function
Defining the cost of policy
Policy effectiveness comparison

Consumer Finance

This is the aggregation of ATM, charge, credit, debit, e-purse and retail cards. Note that smart cards are not included in financial cards.

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