Consumer Foodservice in Bangalore

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Feb 2017

While Bangalore is a key metropolitan city in India, there is still a strong presence of traditional eateries. Prominent independent fast food chains are the go-to outlets for breakfast and tea time snacks. Preference for coffee in the city supports the growth of specialist coffee shops. While the working and time-starved population welcome the concept of boxed meal delivery, the cosmopolitan crowd creates opportunities for the co-existence of international and regional cuisines.

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Consumer Foodservice in Bangalore

Our Consumer Foodservice by Location highlights the most recent trends and developments in 6 major industries. This major new product line analyses business opportunities and challenges that exist for these industries at a city market level. 
Bangalore: Population growth prompted by migration
Consumer profile: Cosmopolitan, diverse, floating population
Popular foodservice outlets in Bangalore
Key findings
Darshinis are popular choices for any meal of the day
Quick bites at bakeries are common sight in Bangalore
Cafés growth supported by local preference for coffee
Domestic chains compete directly with international players
Boxed meals - a new and successful concept
Boxed meals supported by young population
Multiple cuisines available across the city
Multiple cuisines: Good mix of international and Indian food
Bundl Technologies Pvt Ltd
Coffee Day Global Limited
Kamat YatriNivas Pvt Ltd
Key takeaways