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Consumer Foodservice in Jaipur

May 2018

Jaipur is among the top 10 most populous cities in India. It is often referred to as the Pink City, and is a historical and cultural heritage place with a number of monuments, forts and palaces. Business is one of the major occupations of people in the city. People in Jaipur are very fond of their local foodservice establishments. Heritage hotels are numerous for tourists. The pick up and home delivery concepts are evolving.

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Traditional culture heavily influences the CFS industry; vegetarianism is celebrated

CFS is on the whole influenced by the traditional conservative culture of people in Jaipur. With a strong affinity for eating at home, CFS outlets present consumers with the experience of eating home-like food at affordable prices, to lure people to eat outside the home. With few consumers being very particular about hygiene and the place where they eat, claiming to be “sacred/holy restaurants”, helps build credibility.

When eating out consumers prefer to be treated like royalty, hence the popularity of FSRs

There is a sense of royalty ingrained in the people of Jaipur, due to their rich royal heritage and culture. When people do go to eat outside, they prefer to go to FSRs which serve lavish full meals. Domestic CFS outlets have been able to cater to this consumer sentiment, which has led to their popularity and given them an edge over restaurants serving international cuisines.

Symbiotic relationship of tourism and CFS set up

With Jaipur being a celebrated tourist destination, the CFS set up has been formed to give consumers a taste of royalty and quintessential Rajasthani culture.This has led to the popularity of heritage hotels. Tourism also has its impact on the CFS space, and this can be seen with the number of new restaurants with unique concepts and the popularity of fusion food.

Experimental and tech-savvy youth embrace modernity

The younger generation in Jaipur is quite experimental, and is high on experiential places. This has led to the popularity of themed restaurants, modern cafés and bars. Online food ordering is also increasing in the city, and a number of apps are available for this purpose. There is immense potential for the popularity of delivery of home-cooked meals over the coming years.

Jaipur: a city with a vibrant heritage culture
Consumer Profile: strong preference for eating at home, experimenting
A typical day
Key findings
Consumer foodservice is influenced by traditional culture
Vegetarian options found in abundance
Full-service restaurants are quite popular in the city
Domestic CFS outlets score high over international chains
CFS set up customised to give tourists an unique experience
Popularity of fusion food stems from strong affinity for snacking
QSRs, cafés and bars appeal to experimental youngsters

Consumer foodservice in jaipur

Pick-up and home delivery evolving in Jaipur
Rawat Misthan Bhandar
Sharma Dhaba
Bar Palladio Jaipur
Key takeaways


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