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Consumer Foodservice New Product Development: Maximising Traffic and Broadening Appeal

November 2011

In 2010, new product innovation in consumer foodservice centred around broadening consumer appeal and driving traffic across all dayparts. These two goals were pursued through improvements in both in-store and out-of-store technology; upgrades to the consumer dining experience through outlet redesign and improved menus; improved profitability and traffic flow through high-margin snacks, desserts and beverages; new health and wellness-based brand positioning and bold, international flavours.

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Key findings: 2010 trends focus on consumer appeal


In-store and out-of-store technology improvements
Growing mobile phone usage creates new opportunities
Mobile capabilities add convenience to delivery and carryout orders
Branded mobile phone apps
E-commerce still a major source of potential revenue
Enhanced online ordering sites drive traffic and consumer loyalty
Social media marketing: the future of foodservice branding?
Facebook and YouTube lead social media strategies
Improved service through ordering kiosks and PoS technology
Improving the dining-in experience through in-store technology
Key takeaways: Technology opportunities

Upgrading the Experience

A better experience through menu innovation and outlet design
New products incorporate bolder flavours, premium ingredients
Decadent, indulgent items promote the idea of dining as a luxury
Better ingredients as branding tools
Chipotle Mexican Grill: A brand built on “better” ingredients
Outlets represent the brand
Key takeaways: Experience-based opportunities

Snacks, Desserts and Beverages

Operators are driving sales, boosting margins through snacks
Snacks and beverages increase traffic across a range of dayparts
Higher margin items improve profitability
Lower prices appeal to a broader potential consumer base
Dessert kiosks drive traffic, brand awareness, high-margin sales
Ultimately, snacks, desserts and beverages are about traffic…
…And maximising transactions through competitive pricing
Key takeaways: Snack, dessert and beverage opportunities

Health and Wellness

The health and wellness trend continues in 2010
Worldwide interest in health and wellness steadily increasing
Menu innovation focused on healthier alternatives of core items
Interest growing for food intolerance products
Menus serving special diets widen restaurant appeal
Restaurants improve nutrition profiles with fortified products
Poultry gaining worldwide popularity
Key takeaways: Health and wellness opportunities

Flavour Trends

Bold, exotic flavours dominate 2010 trends
International flavours incorporated into burgers, wraps and pizzas
Indulgent sizes or ingredients also a strong theme

Future Prospects

Technology, health and wellness poised for long-term impact
What’s next for consumer foodservice?


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