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Become the expert on your consumer and target markets. 

Fine tune your go-to-market strategy

Identify short- and long-term trends in customer behaviour, competitors, potential opportunities and challenges and become an expert in your target markets. 

Monitor the competition within the wider supply chain to understand their strategies, strengths and weaknesses to strategically position your brand. 

Identify new opportunities for growth 

Whether you are evaluating dining frequency in a market or developing a new menu, our research helps your organisation make smarter business decisions. 

Understand what influences demand in order to assess business environments, determine market viability and seek additional whitespace opportunities, leading to potential growth. 

Monitor key consumer trends 

Bring the consumer voice into the business strategy of your company.

Identify customer behaviour in your outlets and see what influences purchasing decisions and how it differs across markets. 

Explore local trends in nutrition to understand to understand what consumers are looking for and their habits, supporting localised menu development, new product development, market entry, opportunity analysis and positioning. 


We support strategic decision-making on corporate planning, franchising and expansion, distribution, supplier and positioning within the global foodservice industry. 

Our research supports foodservice companies with strategy and planning, consumer insights, competitive intelligence, category and consumer insights, innovation, brand management and marketing.

From global and country brand shares of foodservice providers to analysis about local consumer dining behaviour, our research helps you become an expert on your target markets.

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