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Consumer Health – Trends, Developments and Prospects

July 2014

Consumer health is a fast growing industry with strong development across categories. High healthcare costs have increased focus on self-care and prevention and the health and fitness trend has consumers seeking products that support personal wellbeing. Attracted by bright growth prospects, companies are increasing stakes in consumer health. As policy updates shift regulations towards efficiency and product accessibility, the enforcement of consumer protection guidelines is increasingly strict.

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Growing healthcare costs drive self-medication and prevention

Burgeoning healthcare expenditure is a progressively large burden for economies around the world. As governing agencies enact policies that push health responsibility back to consumers, self-medication and preventive care are increasingly common as a way to avoid costly medical treatments.

Regulators seek greater product accessibility and compliance

Agencies are taking a more flexible approach to certain regulations such as OTC switches and product distribution. At the same time, they are intensifying the enforcement of policies, especially those geared towards consumer protection. The combination of greater regulatory flexibility and enforcement will improve compliance and foster consumer confidence in self-treatment.

Companies seek strategic opportunities to bolster their position in the consumer health industry

Given the consumer megatrend towards health and wellness, as well as other favourable demographic, economic and regulatory developments, companies are increasing their stakes in the highly profitable consumer health industry. Acquisitions prioritising geographic and portfolio expansion and strategic partnerships have the potential to reshape the competitive landscape.

Retailing evolves to address consumer needs and modern developments

Retailers are expanding their role as partners in wellness by bolstering healthcare resources and offerings, such as retail clinics and health information kiosks. Non-traditional channels, especially internet retailing, are on the rise as distribution restrictions ease and retailers grow their online capabilities. However, store-based sales will continue to dominate OTC given immediacy of use.

The information age has a profound impact on consumer health

Technology is a growing part of consumer health, affecting all players across the industry. Most notable of all is the wealth of available information empowering consumers to make educated decisions, as well as the growing number of opportunities for companies to connect with consumers.

What this report includes

  • Top-level strategic analysis of how major consumer trends will influence global markets
  • Consumer insight
  • Impact across all relevant consumer markets
  • Unique graphics and case studies
  • Key market snapshots
  • Accompanying presentation to synthesise main findings

Why buy this report

  • Identify factors driving change now and in the future
  • Understand motivation
  • Forward-looking outlook
  • Briefings and presentation should provoke lively discussion at senior level
  • Take a step back from micro trends
  • Get up to date estimates and comment


Key findings

2013 Consumer Health Overview

Forces shaping consumer health in 2013
Diverging populations: Fitness conscious vs increasingly unhealthy
Demographic developments drive innovation
Growing means, as well as aches and pains
The push towards self-care and prevention
Improving regulatory policies for greater efficiency and compliance
Technology: A growing part of life, and consumer health
Consumer health development

Competitive Landscape

The increasingly competitive consumer health environment
Consolidation in the fragmented consumer health industry
Case study: GSK and Novartis joint venture vs Bayer AG
The new consumer health competitive landscape
Powerhouses in the power categories
Regional strengths and weaknesses
Country level comparison
A new target in consumer health
Seeking a truly global presence
Local players with high aspirations
Regional companies become key for international growth
Greatest changes in the competitive landscape in 2013

Retailing Trends

Channel distribution in consumer health
Distribution varies by consumer health category
The expanding role of pharmacy retailers in consumer health
Private label and OTC generics: A growing challenge
Non-store retailing: Internet grows and direct selling woes

Regional Overview

The consumer health growth trend varies by region
Consumer health retail value sales growth by country
Emerging markets lead growth, but major markets command sales
Asia Pacific trends and developments
Asia Pacific prospects
Australasia trends and developments
Australasia prospects
Eastern Europe trends and developments
Eastern Europe prospects
Latin America trends and developments
Latin America prospects
Middle East and Africa trends and developments
Middle East and Africa prospects
North America trends and developments
North America prospects
Western Europe trends and developments
Western Europe prospects

Category Overview

The continued recovery of the OTC market
Allergy remedies on the rise, analgesics scrutinised
VDS energises the consumer health market
Prevention and targeted marketing positionings propel VDS
Targeted supplements outpace general health dietary supplements
Greater oversight and a new angle boost weight management
Sports nutrition benefits from a broadening consumer base
Parents and regulators focus on paediatric consumer health
Herbal/traditional products an integral part of consumer health

Beyond 2013 Expectations

Major consumer health category prospects
Looking beyond Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC)
Largest 2013-2018 growth opportunities
Elements advancing consumer health
The complex interplay of factors determines projected growth
Consumer health development 2013-2018

Data Parameters

Data parameters

Report Definitions

Report definitions (1)
Report definitions (2)
Report definitions (3)
Report definitions and references


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