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Dec 2011

Passport Survey explores consumer opinions and habits pertaining to healthy living, including attitudes and motivations about being healthy, as well as similarities and differences in exercise, smoking and drinking, dietary and nutritional supplements, healthcare, and stress across countries, genders, and ages. Results are based on responses to Euromonitor’s flagship survey, the Annual Study 2011, which reached out to 16,000 consumers in 8 countries.

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Consumer Healthy Living

What the Annual Survey can contribute to your business strategy?

Global overview of major trends in five areas of consumer life:

  • Healthy Living
  • Food & Drink
  • Shopping & Leisure
  • Technology
  • Personal Life

Insights into consumers in the fastest growing and the most established consumer markets:

  • United States
  • Latin America (Brazil)
  • Europe (UK, Germany, France)
  • Asia (China, India, Japan)

Analysis of consumer attitudes and behaviours by demographic, consumer traits: country, age, gender, social class, household type.

Analysis of consumer behaviours by attitudinal survey responses on opinion and personality.


Why Euromonitor’s Annual Survey matters
Why Euromonitor’s Annual Survey is unique
Overview of methodology
Online sampling
Overview of respondents (~2,000 per country)


Main questions


Healthy m otivations & attitudes overview
Motivation to be healthy is closely intertwined with personal life
Knowing health is important doesn’t always lead to healthy living
Maintaining good health is a multi-faceted process
Women feel the potential health impact of most factors is greater


Exercise overview
When they exercise, global consumers prefer non-sports
Good intentions are enough for exercise…sometimes
The active developing markets don’t necessarily play ball


Smoking & drinking overview
Smoking and drinking are common co-behaviors


Vitamins and supplements overview
Supplements are part of the daily routine for the US
China, India, and Brazil find value in supplements


Healthcare overview
Conventional doctors see most patients, except in Japan
Relationship between conventional & alternative healthcare


Stress overview
Impact of stress varies depending on age and gender
Importance of limiting stress differs most across countries


Key answers


Endnotes (1)
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