Consumer Lifestyles in Finland

Consumer Lifestyle

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Nov 2016

Demographic trends are dominated by two key factors – the dramatic rise in the number of late-lifers and the increase in the number of immigrants. Economic conditions are slowly improving, leading to an increase in consumer confidence and spending. At the same time, technology savviness has permeated across all ages – from kids playing on smartphones to the elderly on social networks such as Facebook.

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Consumer Lifestyles in Finland

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Chart 1 Lifestyles in Finland


Consumer confidence shows an upward trend
Health and wellness is a megatrend
Sharing economy gains momentum
Internet retailing continues to grow; m-commerce set to boom
Demand for housing picks up – including ‘mini-homes’


Babies and Infants
Growing demand for organic baby food
Internet usage among the very young
Chart 2 Babies and Infants in Focus 2000-2020
Finnish municipalities curb childhood obesity
Jump in smartphone usage among kids
Chart Kidss in Focus 2000-2020
WhatsApp, messaging services—a popular way of communicating
Media revolution among Tweens
Chart 3 Tweens in Focus 2000-2020
High school students have to buy laptops for school
YouTubers more popular than celebrities
Chart 4 Teens in Focus 2000-2020
Young Adults
Young people, increasingly living in rented apartments; saving more
Finnish youth opening up to second-hand shopping
Chart 5 Young Adults in Focus 2000-2020
Middle Youth
Fitness trend among middle-aged men; cycling the new fad
Middle Youth segment increasingly online
Chart 6 Middle Youth in Focus 2000-2020
More than 50% of 45-54 year olds on social networks
Chart 7 Mid-Lifers in Focus 2000-2020
Baby boomers moving into smaller apartments near city centres
Increasing number of pensioners moving abroad
Chart 8 Late-Lifers in Focus 2000-2020


Home Ownership
Chart 9 Home Ownership 2000-2020
Household Profiles
Chart 10 Household Profiles 2000-2020
Running Costs
Demand for mini homes, studio flats rocketing
Terraces and outdoor living is one of the hottest trends
Chart 11 Household Running Costs 2000-2020


Attitudes toward Payment Methods
Loans and Mortgages
Increasing use of contactless cards
E-commerce boom drives surge in mobile payments
Chart 12 Borrowing and Saving 2000-2019


Eating Habits
Vegetables playing a bigger role
Fast casual style restaurants, new ethnic flavours in demand
Chart 13 Food Expenditure Profile 2000-2020
Drinking Habits
Growing demand for craft beers
Tea trend catches on in Finland
Chart 14 Drinks Expenditure Profile 2000-2020


Female Grooming and Fashion Trends
New cosmetic surgery procedures growing in popularity
Growing demand for natural cosmetics
Male Grooming and Fashion Trends
Skin care grows in popularity among younger men
Male cosmetic surgery increases in popularity
Chart 15 Grooming and Fashion Expenditure 2000-2020


Attitudes to Health and Well-being
Increasing use of snuff among younger age groups
One in four is a couch potato
Chart 16 Health of the Nation 2000-2020


Main Household Shop
Shopping for Big-Ticket Items and Personal Goods
Demand for online grocery shopping on the rise
Chart 17 Where Households Shop for Essentials 2000-2019


Leisure Time
Active tourism on the rise
Wellness travel trend
Public Holidays, Celebrations and Gift-Giving
Gift cards- one of the most popular Christmas gifts in 2015
Eid celebrated in Finland’s largest mall
Chart 18 Possession of Selected Home-Tech and Mobile Phones 2000-2020


Private Transport
Chart 19 Getting Around on Private Transport 2000-2020
Public Transport
Municipalities promote cycling
Electric cars gain in popularity
Chart 20 Getting Around on Public Transport 2000-2020