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Sep 2016

hat started in 2015 as a shock became a turning point for consumers in Switzerland and the eurozone. Increased immigration, shopping in neighbouring countries, digital connectivity across all age groups, and a sense of greener living converged in the Alpine confederation, shaking consumers into adopting change. Demographic trends are showing an ageing population that feels younger than ever before and is ready to go beyond its borders to craft new life experiences.

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Consumer Lifestyles in Switzerland

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Chart 1 Lifestyles in Switzerland


The Frankenschock, shopping tourism and the internet are shifting Swiss consumer habits
Greener living: food as identity
Large immigrant population creates demand for more diverse products and services
More than 50% of Late-Lifers are surfing the internet
Debt problems becoming more widespread


Babies and Infants
Baby foods are expected to be organic, natural, fresh and above all simple
More women hope to find their way back into the workforce
Chart 2 Babies and Infants in Focus 2000-2020
Touchscreen generation is more a myth than a reality for Kids
Obesity loses weight among Swiss kids—especially Kindergartners
Chart 3 Kids in Focus 2000-2020
Tweenagers love smartphones and YouTube is their preferred social media platform
Mermaiding - Tween girls’ new summer obsession, Neptune’s physical prowess draws boys to the sport
Chart 4 Tweens in Focus 2000-2020
E-Movement powers teen mobility, boosts interest in vintage mobility options
Normcore: Swiss teens are boring, “privileged, if not spoiled”
Chart 5 Teens in Focus 2000-2020
Young Adults
Young Adults build their own identity
Attractiveness ranks low among Swiss singles
Chart 6 Young Adults in Focus 2000-2020
Middle Youth
No work-life balance
Men take over at the grill, the latest status symbol
Chart 7 Middle Youth in Focus 2000-2020
Mid-Life women overtake Mid-Life men in physical activity
Mid-Lifers are looking to sell and buy real estate, while younger generations are renting
Chart 8 Mid-Lifers in Focus 2000-2020
Late-Lifers surfing the digital wave
Nursing homes in Hungary cost much less
A third of Late-Life travellers prefer package deals
Chart 9 Late-Lifers in Focus 2000-2020


Home Ownership
Chart 10 Home Ownership 2000-2020
Household Profiles
Chart 11 Household Profiles 2000-2020
Running Costs
Housing in high demand as interest rates remain low
Older mortgage applicants have a tougher time landing a mortgage
More than one in two Swiss would consider living in a tiny house
Chart 12 Household Running Costs 2000-2020


Attitudes toward Payment Methods
Loans and Mortgages
One in three Swiss women feel that they know too little to make a pension savings decision
Wearable payment technologies: a revolution in your wallet
Chart 13 Borrowing and Saving 2000-2019


Eating Habits
Vegetarian or vegan: The Swiss are not about to give up meat completely
Growing expat population bolsters street food popularity
Chart 14 Food Expenditure Profile 2000-2020
Drinking Habits
Consumption of local red wines
Chart 15 Drinks Expenditure Profile 2000-2020


Female Grooming and Fashion Trends
Mini boob-jobs to be latest cosmetic craze
Consumers are looking for aluminium-free deodorants
Male Grooming and Fashion Trends
Reflecting pure manliness: muscle-craze in men and teens
The beard is back... and it is demanding
Chart 16 Grooming and Fashion Expenditure 2000-2020


Attitudes to Health and Well-being
Nicotine-free e-cigarette rise in popularity
Obesity and overweight a growing concern
Chart 17 Health of the Nation 2000-2020


Main Household Shop
Shopping for Big-Ticket Items and Personal Goods
Einkaufstourismus: Cross-border shopping is picking up steam
Major discounters have secured their positions in the market, though older Swiss still skeptical
Chart 18 Where Households Shop for Essentials 2000-2019


Leisure Time
E-Bike sales booming
Analog hotel bookings reign in digital age
Public Holidays, Celebrations and Gift-Giving
Electronics and appliances led online sales during the 2015 holiday season
Every other Swiss goes abroad to buy gifts, one in six shop exclusively online
Chart 19 Possession of Selected Home-Tech and Mobile Phones 2000-2020


Private Transport
Chart 20 Getting Around on Private Transport 2000-2020
Public Transport
Swiss consumers love German cars
Automobiles are the number one choice among Young Adults
Chart 21 Getting Around on Public Transport 2000-2020