Consumer Shopper Types: India

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Jul 2016

Passport Survey explores the shopping habits and preferences of five shopper types in India. Results are based on responses to Euromonitor International’s flagship Global Consumer Trends survey 2015, which includes 16,300 online consumers in nine countries.

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Consumer Shopper Types: India


This report explores the habits and preferences of India’s five main types of shoppers, helping companies and brands better target their core customers by answering the following questions;


Conspicuous Consumer, Savvy Socialiser, Balanced Bargain-hunter, Productive Planner, No-frills Saver.

This report explores the habits and preferences of the five main types of shoppers in India, helping companies and brands better target their core customers by answering a number of questions, including:

Which Indian shoppers need to be given a concrete reason to spend money, and which ones will jump at any excuse to visit a store?

How do status-conscious consumers shop differently to those who do not care what other people think?

Which shoppers can still be influenced by traditional print and TV advertisements? Who gravitates toward the recommendations of peers on social media or new location-based mobile ads?

Which Indian shoppers take action by seeking out “green” and sustainable product features, rather than merely worrying about the environment and global warming?

How do different shopper types incorporate mobile and online technology into their purchase process, whether to research, compare prices, buy, or share a recent purchase with their social network?

Shopper Types Overview

Uncovering key shopper types in nine global markets
Background on Euromonitor International’s shopper types analysis
Using shopper traits and habits to segment consumers

Introduction to India Shopper Types

Key traits of the five India shopper types
Conspicuous Consumer profile
Savvy Socialiser profile
Balanced Bargain-hunter profile
Productive Planner profile
No-frills Saver profile

Shopping Habits in India

Exploring the habits of shoppers in India
Before the store
Finding an excuse to shop
Buying on impulse vs planning ahead
Using technology for product research
Looking for guidance from brands and consumers
Filling the shopping cart: Flexibility, loyalty and status
Filling the shopping cart: Price and brand priorities
Filling the shopping cart: Special features
Filling the shopping cart: Green considerations
Online and mobile options at checkout

More on India Shopper Types

More on India consumer types
Age and gender
Size of city and parental status
Employment and education

Research Overview

Euromonitor International consumer segmentation work
Overview of Global Consumer Trends survey methodology
Cluster analysis methodology in detail
Cluster analysis survey questions