Consumer Types: Italy

December 2018

While many companies often identify market segments using demographics alone, few would agree that consumers are neatly defined by age, gender, or income. To overcome this issue, Euromonitor International’s Survey team look beyond standard demographics to create distinct, personality-driven consumer types. These consumer types incorporate many of the diverse attitudes and habits that separate one person from another, even distinguishing among those in the same demographic group.

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Conservative Homebody (30%)

  • Prefers to follow
  • Focuses on personal issues such as family and spirituality
  • Not very image-conscious
Cautious Planner (24%)
  • Cautious with their money
  • Rarely makes impulse purchases
  • More comfortable with traditional methods of commerce
Undaunted Striver (9%)
  • Image-conscious
  • Likes to try new things
  • Tech-savvy
Secure Traditionalist (28%)
  • Avoids shopping
  • Avoids strong or premium branded products
  • Prefers to save rather than spend
Empowered Activist (9%)
  • Feels they can make a difference
  • Concerned with global issues
  • Seeks products with green or eco-conscious labelling

Introduction to Consumer Types in Italy

Background on Euromonitor International’s consumer types analysis
Uncovering key consumer types in 21 global markets
Key traits of the five Italy consumer types
More on consumer types in Italy
Conservative homebody
Secure traditionalist
Cautious planner
Empowered activist
Undaunted striver

Lifestyle Habits and Preferences

Exploring the lifestyle habits and preferences of Italian consumers
Attitudes towards status and consumerism
Trade-offs between spending, time, and ways to simplify life
Exploration of nutrition and exercise across consumer types
Outlook on green labelling and environmental concerns
Dependence on and perceptions of the internet
Reliance on mobile phones

Following Italian Consumers Through the Path to Purchase

Exploring the habits of shoppers in Italy
Path to purchase: conservative homebody
Path to purchase: secure traditionalist
Path to purchase: cautious planner
Path to purchase: empowered activist
Path to purchase: undaunted striver
Understanding online shopping behaviour

Demographic Breakdowns of Italian Consumer Types

Age and gender
City size and parental status
Education and employment

Research Overview

Euromonitor International’s consumer segmentation series
Other 2017 consumer types reports
Overview of Lifestyles survey
Cluster analysis methodology in detail
Cluster analysis survey questions (1)
Cluster analysis survey questions (2)
Cluster analysis survey questions (3)
Cluster analysis survey questions (4)
Cluster analysis survey questions (5)


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