Consumers in 2020

December 2019

Global consumer expenditure is forecast to account for 56.1% of world GDP in 2020 or USD49.7 trillion in constant terms. This report will provide some key insights from the digital, household, income, expenditure and population perspectives. For example, 2020 will mark the first time that more than half of digital commerce spend globally will be from a mobile device; household heads aged 60+ will reach 600 million; and education will be the fastest-growing consumer spending category.

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Top three demographic trends for 2020

Ageing comes with a longer lifespan

In 2020, the number of countries with life 80 will rise to 43. More than 9.0% of the global population will be aged 65+. Ageing societies and rising longevity will have immense impacts on the labour market, consumer demand, and lifestyles.

Migration continues to shape market

Global net migration will reach 756 million in 2020, led by the USA, Germany, Spain, Australia and Canada. Population mobility and diversity have profound impacts on economies, as well as consumer lifestyles, shopping behaviour, and company strategies. 

Child population growth slows down 

Birth rates will decline further to 17.9 per 1,000 population, while fertility rates stagnate at 2.9 children born per female. Nevertheless, rising living standards and changing values, particularly in emerging markets, will still support child-related segments.

Consumers in 2020
Consumer landscape in 2020
The digital consumer in 2020
Half of all digital commerce spend will be via mobile starting in 2020
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Income and expenditure in 2020
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Global population in 2020
Top three demographic trends for 2020


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