Converging Megatrends: Winning Middle-Class Consumers in Asia and Africa

February 2020

Thanks to continued economic growth, the expanding middle class and rising incomes, emerging and developing markets across Asia Pacific and Africa and the Middle East will be drivers of global consumption growth. Interestingly, however, the behaviour, values and priorities of middle class consumers in these regions are more or less aligned with those seen in developed markets, where the middle classes are struggling to maintain the economic position they have enjoyed for the last half a century.

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Megatrend analysis at Euromonitor International
Emerging countries to drive future growth, yet income growth is limited
Emerging markets and the Middle Class Retreat megatrend
Infrastructure constraints limit Asian middle class purchasing decisions
The changing mindset of Asian middle class consumers
Alibaba: helping to fuel growth in China’s second-hand market
MG: offering more for less to Bangladeshi consumers
African middle class squeezed by slow income growth
3 in 5 middle class consumers in Africa & Middle East like to find bargains
Carrefour: offering bargain prices to Kenyan consumers
Uber: limited car ownership drives demand for sharing services
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