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Humanity & Inclusion

Humanity & Inclusion is a charity working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster, working tirelessly alongside disabled and vulnerable people
to help meet their basic needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights. Euromonitor is funding an education
project in Burkina Faso. The inclusive education project seeks to improve access
to education by adequately responding to the diverse needs of children with different disabilities. 


Just a Drop

Just a Drop's mission is to reduce child mortality by delivering accessible, clean, safe water where it is needed most. Just a Drop's projects support communities through the construction of wells, boreholes, pipelines, hand pumps and latrines and establish health and sanitation programmes for some of the poorest and remote communities in the world.


Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

Founded in 1971, MSF is an international medical humanitarian organisation, supporting people affected by conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. MSF offers assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation and since its foundation has supported more than 100 million people.


The Ocean Cleanup Foundation

The Ocean Cleanup is developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s
oceans of plastic. The non-profit organisation was founded in 2013, by then 18 year old Boyan Slat, and deployed its first prototype cleanup system in September 2018.  Euromonitor is contributing to the general research and development of their cleanup system for use in the Pacific Ocean. 



Place2Be is a leading children’s mental health charity working in schools across England, Scotland and Wales. Founded in 1994, they now work in 282 primary and secondary schools in some of the most deprived areas of the UK, reaching a school population of 117,000 children and young people. Euromonitor funding is being used to provide their service in 10 schools in the Greater London area. 


Unity in Health

Unity in Health is a healthcare development agency, their mission is to contribute
to the relief of sickness and the preservation of health among people living
in low and middle income countries, by supporting the training and professional development of local health care work forces, as well as those with no formal health care education yet who assume the role of carers where professionals are absent. Euromonitor is contributing to the core costs of the organisation enabling them to employ for the first time a full-time CEO and part-time fundraiser. 


Walkabout Foundation

Walkabout Foundation is a charity with the mission of restoring dignity, freedom and independence by providing wheelchairs and rehabilitation in the developing world and funding research to find a cure for paralysis. Euromonitor funding is providing comprehensive disability care in the region of Northern Uganda. The programme includes the distribution of wheelchairs, training local partners in community based rehabilitation programmes and a community leadership training programme.


Justice and care

Justice & Care is a human rights organisation rescuing and supporting victims of human trafficking. Euromonitor funding is being used to create an expert witness training programme to improve the number of UK modern slavery and trafficking cases ending in prosecution.


Micro Rainbow International

Micro Rainbow International’s vision is to create a world where lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) people are free from discrimination, persecution and have equal opportunities in life, including in accessing employment, training, financial services and housing. Euromonitor is funding an employment training programme for members of the LGBTI community in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 


World Bicycle Relief

World Bicycle Relief mobilizes people through the power of bicycles. They are committed to helping people conquer the challenge of distance, achieve independence and thrive. Euromonitor is funding their Bicycles for Educational Empowerment Programme (BEEP) in 3 schools in Kenya and Zimbabwe. 



Ação Solidária Contra O Cancêr Infanti (ASCCI)

ASCCI are a children's hospital and cancer charity in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation

ALNF exists to support Australia’s most marginalised communities through raising literacy and numeracy levels. Our funding will be supporting literacy programmes in underprivileged communities.


Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support

Babes Pregnancy Crisis support is a support system for teenage girls in pregnancy crisis in Singapore. As well as providing a 24-hour hotline they work with hospitals and social care services to provide support to teenage mothers including counselling, shelter, adoption support, and post-pregnancy education/employment options.


Beyond Social Services

Beyond Social Services helps underprivileged children and families break out of the poverty cycle. We are providing funding for their Youth United programme, supporting children and families in deprived areas of Singapore.


The Bloc Chicago

The Bloc supports young men in Chicago through the discipline of boxing. Euromonitor funding has been used to purchase a transit van which is vital for transporting young people to-and-from their services.


Children’s Cancer Centre of Lebanon

CCLC provides free treatment to children with cancer in Lebanon. Our funding will go towards funding an eye operation for a child who would not be able to afford it.


China Social Welfare Foundation

China Social Welfare foundation fundraise and deliver projects to support deprived individuals in China, hoping to break the poverty cycle. We are making a commitment to help with their Showyes project. Funding will specifically support the educational costs of 9 students in financially challenged rural situations.


China Youth Development Foundation

CYDF is committed to helping young people build capacity and to improving the environment for their growth. We are supporting their Project Hope Mini Library project, funding 5 mini libraries in needy rural schools.


Ciranda para o Amanhã

Ciranda para o Amanhã are a charity who support children and youth people living in sheltered accommodation in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They run a number of initiatives including shelter maintenance, medical treatment, and employability workshops.


Common Threads

Common Threads is a charity supporting schools, communities, and families learn about healthy eating and nutrition through fun and interactive workshops. We will be supporting their family programme in Chicago through our funding.


Der Lippische Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverein e.V.

Der Lippische Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverein e.V. offer counselling and support to people with loss of vision or visual impairments. Their counselling centre, in Detmold, Germany, provides support and advice along with a number of items of specialise equipment for use by the residents.


Empowering Women in the Atlas

Empowering Women in the Atlas is an organisation working with rural communities in the Middle Atlas region, Morocco. They aim to foster social, economic and sustainable development through working with females in these communities.


Fondo Para La Paz

Fondo Para La Paz work in rural areas of Mexico to implement sustainable solutions to development needs. Working with local communities they support indigenous communities to develop environmental, social and economic management skills.


Fundación Nuestros Hijos

Fundación Nuestros Hijos supports children and families who are affected by cancer. We are supporting one of their houses where patients stay by providing funding to buy and install 59 copper surfaces such as hand rails, banisters, doorknobs, light switches. These surfaces will be instrumental in lowering the chance of infection spreading to the children who are staying at their facility.


Gopalaka Trust

Gopaalaka Trust are an animal charity in Bangalore, working specifically with old and abandoned Cattle in various locations around India. Providing care and shelter from the animals, they also support local farmers by distributing fertiliser free of charge to those in need who could not afford it.


Įvairovės ir edukacijos namai (House of Diversity)

House of Diversity aims to create an equal society promoting diversity in ethnicity, gender, religion, age and other areas. This is done through a number of initiatives including providing training for teachers, young people, and parents on how to discuss various issues.


Japan Association for Refugees

Japan Association for Refugees supports refugees and asylum seekers in Japan. They work directly with refugees providing legal and social support and also advocate for rights and policy analysis.


Junto al Barrio

Junto al Barrio seek to strengthen neighbourhoods through urban projects. Working in Santiago, Chile, their projects focus on community needs, equality, and dignity.


Just Older Youth

Just Older Youth (JOY) is a charity working with elderly people in South London. They run a range of activity classes for older people promoting social inclusion in the diverse community.


Justice & Care

Justice & Care is a human rights organisation rescuing and supporting victims of human trafficking. Our funding is supporting the aftercare of victims and also supporting a mass awareness-raising campaign.


Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital

The Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital, Kenya, has the objective of eliminating preventable and treatable blindness by offering equitable, efficient and comprehensive patient care, sight enhancement and rehabilitation services including related selected specialized services. Our funding will support their Sight for Kids programme, which is an eye screening and health check programme for children within a 250 mile radius of Nairobi.


Living In Peace

Living in Peace is a Tokyo-based organisation aiming to reduce poverty by providing equal opportunities. They support under-privileged children without parental support and provide micro-finance for projects in developing countries.


Lupin Foster Home

Lupin Foster Home is a Chinese NGO working to provide shelter, care, and medical support to orphaned children from deprived areas of China.


Myanmar Family Clinic & Garden

MFGC supports villagers in Myanmar who cannot access medical services due to their rural location. We will be supporting them with projects in rural Myanmar.


Nacionalinis socialinės integracijos (Social Taxi Project)

Social Taxi is a service which allows the people with disabilities to become more mobile and independent in planning their daily activities in Vilnius, Lithuania. The purpose of this service is the free-and-easy mobility in their work, studies, everyday interactions and involvement into the active social and cultural life.



Omashram provides residential care and medical support for elderly people in Bangalore, India.


One Tail at a Time

One Tail at a Time is a no-kill dog rescue organisation operating in Chicago. They rescue dogs in need and focus on adoption support and education programmes.


Ons Plek Projects

Ons Plek works with young people who have been living on the streets in South Africa. Our funding is being used towards school and education costs for children in two of their centres.


Open Door

Open Door is dedicated to improving the mental health and emotional well-being of young people in London during their transition from childhood to adulthood and deal with a range of issues from depression and self-harm to alcohol misuse and gender identity issues.


Play Kenya - Rafiki Mwema Project

Play Kenya is a charity set up to help the children in Kenya deal with trauma, mainly from abuse that they have experienced in their lives. This is done through community work and their bespoke approach of “Attachment Play Programme”. Rafiki Mwema is a sister-charity set up to support children and young people who have experienced sexual abuse.


Prerana Resource Centre

Prerana Resource centre is an organisation working with disabled orphaned females in Bangalore, India. They provide education and training support as well as a free hostel and counselling services.


The Project Futures Trust

Project Futures educates and empowers people to take on the issue of human trafficking and slavery. Our funding will support their rehabilitation programme, helping trafficked women from Cambodia with psychological support.


Rashid Centre for the Disabled

The Rashid Centre for the Disabled provides bespoke education and therapy services to young people with disabilities in Dubai.



Refuge supports women, children and men around the UK who have suffered domestic violence. Funding will be used to support their Refuges outside of London.


Refugee Empowerment & Support Taskforce (REST)

The Refugee Empowerment and Support Taskforce (REST) believes that the world’s top experts on refugee and humanitarian crises are the refugees themselves. Through its shoulder-to-shoulder model, the REST approaches refugees and neighbouring communities at their level, listening to the problems they face every day, and working with them to develop sustainable, community-focused solutions to those problems in refugee camps in Eastern Rwanda.


Robotikos mokykla (Robotic School)

Robotikos mokykla (Robotic School).


SAME Foundation

SAME Foundation works with hospitals and schools in South Africa to support those in need of development. We will be supporting Manyano High School with the purchasing of new science and maths equipment.



SANE is a charity working to improve quality of like for people affected by mental illness. Our funding will be supporting their SANEline – a specialist mental health helpline manned entirely by volunteers.


ShenXin FeiXiang Psychological Aid Service Centre

ShenXin FeiXiang Psychological Aid Service Centre work with students and young people in China with the aim of improving awareness of psychological health and providing counselling services.


SilverLine is a project that helps elderly people and combats loneliness by connecting with them. Our funding will go towards costs of running the line, supporting 60 elderly people over the year.


Singapore Cancer Society

SCS is a community organisation dedicated to maximising life by minimising the impact of cancer. Our funding will supplement the costs of their core programme.


Think Olga

Think Olga is an NGO that creates national awareness campaigns to combat violence against women. Our donation will support a new campaign focussed on preventing and reporting sexual abuse in children and adolescents.


Total Residential Education Programme (T.R.E.P)

T.R.E.P supports students from underprivileged and orphaned backgrounds and provides them with free education. Our funding will be supporting 12 students with their fees for 1 year.


Trakų rajono paramos šeimai ir vaikams centras (Traku Support Centre)

Traku support centre provide social services and assistance to families and children in the Trakai district of Lithuania. This includes an accommodation crisis centre, psychological support, childcare, and events for families.


Upwardly Global

Upwardly Global is a US charity dedicated to eliminating employment barriers for skilled migrants, refugees and asylum seekers through training and support enabling them to reach their full economic potential.


Very 50

Very50 are an organisation working with business school students to solve social problems in Asia. Our funding will specifically be used to support projects working with NGOs in Cambodia.


Pro Bono

Euromonitor is extending support for charities into offering data aiding fundraising or research. If you are a registered charity with a project which could use our data, click below for further details.

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