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Aug 2018
Rising consumption of soft cheese and fresh cheese

Czech consumers continued to eat increasing quantities of hard cheese and soft cheese in 2018, while consumption of processed cheese declined as this cheese type is perceived as less healthy. Fresh cheese such as mozzarella and ricotta has gained further interest as a higher number of Czech consumers opt for international cheese specialities fuelled by the wider offers in stores and by various cooking television programmes and recipes published in women’s magazines.

Further shift to packaged hard cheese during the year

Packaged hard cheese continued to gain a wider consumer base during 2018. Both producers and retail chains expanded the offer of packaged hard cheese over 2017-2018, which aided sales together with the trend that a higher number of locals continue to opt more for packaged hard cheese due to its convenience.

Cream cheese in spreadable processed cheese enjoys wider interest in 2018

Within spreadable processed cheese, reconstituted cheese continued to dominate in 2018. Nevertheless, reconstituted cheese proceeded to decline, while cream cheese such as Lucina (by Savencia Fromage & Dairy Czech Republic) enjoying wider interest as it evokes a healthier image.

Competitive Landscape
Madeta retains leadership followed with Savencia Fromage & Dairy

Madeta managed to retain its leading position in cheese in 2018 because the company continued to lead hard cheese, which is the largest cheese category in both volume and value terms. Savencia Fromage & Dairy Czech Republic continued to lose value sales to other competitors, Olma and Lactalis CZ.

Olma and Lidl Ceska republika with significant gains during the year

Olma recorded the highest value sales growth in 2018 because the company was successful in strengthening its position in soft cheese by the further great performance of Olma Olmin (launched only in 2016). The company launched new Olma Olmin variants over 2017-2018, which aided sales together with a significant advertising campaign including in-store promotions and tastings.

Rising share for private label

Private label continued to enjoy strong penetration of cheese in the Czech Republic in 2018. Private label products are considered to have satisfactory quality by Czech consumers and a higher number of premium private label products were further introduced over 2017-2018.

Limited interest in fat-free shelf stable milk but rising taste for fresh milk

Local consumers continued to prefer full fat milk and semi skimmed milk, as they demand the full flavour of milk despite a developing wellness trend in the country. Retail volume sales of fat-free fresh milk were absent in 2018 with only fat-free variants available within shelf stable milk, and within this, the offer is limited.

Boom in free from lactose milk

Free from lactose milk generated stronger interest from local consumers in 2018. Rising consumption of lactose-free milk is attributed to a growing number of people suffering from lactose intolerance, although there are higher numbers of Czechs who do not suffer from lactose intolerance but are opting for lactose-free milk under the wellness trend.

Milk alternatives on the rise

Similarly, the developing awareness of health and wellness has positively influenced sales of milk alternatives in the Czech Republic. Consumption of soy milk and other milk alternatives are also supported by frequent price discounts and wider penetration of these products at retail chains.

Competitive Landscape
Local player Madeta retains leadership

Local player Madeta retained its leadership of drinking milk products in 2018. Madeta benefits from its well-established brand, strong distribution network and leading position in flavoured drinking milk and in cow’s milk.

Private label enjoys interest

Private label proceeded to enjoy significant penetration of drinking milk products, mostly within cow's milk. In flavoured milk drinks, private label has been discontinued because Czech consumers show solid brand loyalty here and private label flavoured milk drinks found no success.

Number of players experience intense increase in sales

Bohemilk, Lidl Ceska republika, Müller CR/SR and Nutriops-Laboratorios Almond SL all performed very well in drinking milk products in 2018. Bohemilk was successful in increasing its sales within fresh milk, shelf stable milk and powder milk, expanding its distribution scope.

Mixed performances across the category

The consumption of yoghurt and sour milk products continued to rise in 2018 under the developing wellness trend and vivid new product development, bringing new flavour combinations and wellness attributes. Czech consumers continued to display increasing demand for plain yoghurt and Greek/Greek-style yoghurt, while flavoured yoghurt stagnated in retail volume terms.

Yoghurt with protein generates growing interest

With the increasing wellness trend in the country together with rising purchasing power of Czech consumers, companies offered increasingly sophisticated variants over 2017-2018. Olma launched probiotic drinking yoghurt Olma Smoothie with 40% fruit and vegetable content.

Higher number of lactose free variants available

In line with the rising number of Czechs with lactose intolerance, the demand for free from lactose variants developed more strongly in 2018 with an increasing number of domestic free from lactose products available. For instance, Hollandia Karlovy Vary launched plain yoghurt Hollandia 0,01% Laktozy and Moravia Lacto plain yoghurt and sour milk Moravia DeLacto in interesting carton packaging.

Competitive Landscape
Danone ranks first but loses ground to local dairies

Danone retained its leadership of yoghurt and sour milk products in the Czech Republic in 2018, although it experienced a marginal decline in retail value share during the year due to rising competition from domestic dairies such as Olma, Hollandia Karlovy Vary, Mlekarna Valasske Mezirici, Mlekarna Kunin and Chocenska Mlekarna. Local companies are becoming increasingly active in product innovation in terms of new flavours and improved quality in wellness terms over 2017-2018 and they gained a wider consumer base.

Chocenska Mlekarna and Emco with strongest gains during 2018

Chocenska Mlekarna experienced rising sales in yoghurt in 2018 as the company became increasingly active in promotions and product innovation over 2017-2018. Czech consumers appreciate local products and its Chocensky Jogurt brand offers quality, the good price and limited editions such as summer edition piña colada and orange with lime.

Private label with further marginal gains

Private label strengthened its position within yoghurt and sour milk products in the Czech Republic during 2018. This is because local consumers find private label to be of good quality and an increasing number of premium and wellness yoghurt and sour milk products penetrated private label over 2017-201; hypermarket retail chain Kaufland introduced organic yoghurt in variants of natural and vanilla, which supported consumer interest.

Fromage frais and quark with best performance

An increasing number of Czech consumers followed healthier lifestyles during 2018 and this has positively influenced retail volume sales of other dairy in the Czech Republic. Local consumers are eating greater quantities of fromage frais and quark.

Skyr experiences hiking interest

Skyr remained a novelty in the Czech Republic introduced only in 2016 when local dairy Bohusovicka Mlekarna launched Kapucin Skyr, traditional Icelandic low-fat quark delicacy loaded with protein. Skyr quickly caught the strong attention of local consumers, manufacturers and retailers and there was a visible new product development in 2017-2018 with Bohusovicka Mlekarna extending its skyr product line with new flavour variants.

Mixed performance for the category

Cream continued its dynamic development during 2018. Sour cream tends to be used more for cooking and baking as this cream variety is perceived to be healthy.

Competitive Landscape
Domestic dairies proceed to control the field

Local companies Mlekarna Kunin, Madeta, Olma, Polabske Mlekarny, and Bohusovicka Mlekarna retained leading positions within other dairy in 2018. Domestic brands continued to profit from their longstanding tradition in the country, and a well-established image.

Smaller brands experience strong value growth

Lounska mlekarna, Lidl and Müller witnessed strong increases in value sales during 2018 with their brands. Lounska mlekarna relaunched its Krajanka products over 2017-2018 with improved packaging featuring an attractive design, as well as new flavour variants for its dairy dessert Krajanka and launched the novel product line Krajanka ZOO, targeting children with lower sugar content and without artificial colourings.

Private label holds strongest share in cream and fromage frais and quark

Private label gained marginal retail value sales in other dairy during 2018. Czech consumers proceeded to demonstrate strong demand for private label in the largest categories, cream, and plain fromage frais and quark.

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Packaged Food in the Czech Republic - Industry Overview


Economic growth and rising health awareness support positive market performance
Czechs increasingly favour products that are high in protein and low in sugar
Competitive environment remains fragmented but reasonably stable in 2018
Supermarkets, discounters and internet retailing make distribution gains
Demand for higher quality and premium products set to continue rising


Sales to Foodservice
Moderate growth in packaged food volume sales to foodservice operators continues
Unpackaged ice cream, butter, prepared salads, dips and full fat fresh milk see foodservice sales grow fastest
Multinational companies lead but local suppliers continue to gain popularity
Consumer Foodservice
Favourable economic climate and growth in inbound tourism boost development of consumer foodservice
Foodservice outlet numbers grow in 2018 as impact of smoking ban is not as negative as initially feared
Competitive environment remains stable over 2017-2018


Table 1 Foodservice Sales of Packaged Food by Category: Volume 2013-2018
Table 2 Foodservice Sales of Packaged Food by Category: % Volume Growth 2013-2018
Table 3 Forecast Foodservice Sales of Packaged Food by Category: Volume 2018-2023
Table 4 Forecast Foodservice Sales of Packaged Food by Category: % Volume Growth 2018-2023


Table 5 Sales of Packaged Food by Category: Volume 2013-2018
Table 6 Sales of Packaged Food by Category: Value 2013-2018
Table 7 Sales of Packaged Food by Category: % Volume Growth 2013-2018
Table 8 Sales of Packaged Food by Category: % Value Growth 2013-2018
Table 9 GBO Company Shares of Packaged Food: % Value 2014-2018
Table 10 NBO Company Shares of Packaged Food: % Value 2014-2018
Table 11 LBN Brand Shares of Packaged Food: % Value 2015-2018
Table 12 Penetration of Private Label by Category: % Value 2013-2018
Table 13 Distribution of Packaged Food by Format: % Value 2013-2018
Table 14 Distribution of Packaged Food by Format and Category: % Value 2018
Table 15 Forecast Sales of Packaged Food by Category: Volume 2018-2023
Table 16 Forecast Sales of Packaged Food by Category: Value 2018-2023
Table 17 Forecast Sales of Packaged Food by Category: % Volume Growth 2018-2023
Table 18 Forecast Sales of Packaged Food by Category: % Value Growth 2018-2023



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