Dermocosmetics Encouraging a Health-Focused Transition in Skin Care

July 2016

Dermocosmetics benefit from a holistic wellness drive that is also enabling other industry segments to progress, including organic beauty, anti-pollution and neurocosmetics. As focus shifts onto prevention, dermocosmetics offer an ideal switch from the extended use of medicated remedies. They benefit from a pharma alignment and a perceived optimal price-efficacy ratio. This scenario is also exhibited in industry-led interest in formulations using probiotics, and nature-replicating technology.

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Prevention is gradually overtaking remedial skin care     

Discerning consumers are of the belief that beautiful skin is achieved by maintaining healthy skin and, in turn, this is leading them to seek solutions that reflect this trend. Typical preventative skin care categories are expected to be highly dynamic, including facial masks, cleansers and moisturisers.

Pharma-inspired brands are among the fastest growing in skin care        

Brands with a medical image or heritage witnessed a healthy performance over 2010-2015, particularly in developed markets. However, dynamics are different in Asia Pacific, where Korean beauty products with natural formulations takes precedence.

Formulations are seeing more natural ingredients and cross-industry inspiration for their benefits in beauty       

The quest for healthy living is seeing formulations resorting to either natural/ organic ingredients or technology designed to replicate nature once the product is applied. Fermented skin care is anticipated to make it next to the frontline.

The price-efficacy value equation benefits dermocosmetics       

Premium priced derma skin care brands performed better than their mass rivals over 2010-2015. Consumers tend to associate a high price with greater efficacy, and are generally less willing to compromise on skin health. At the same time, they still seek the right price, which explains why dermocosmetics brands remain among the most dynamic in premium skin care.

Prospects in dermocosmetics are uneven across regions              

Western Europe presents the best opportunities with dermocosmetics, which is reflected in the revival of the pharmacy channel. In North America, the segment is dynamic and is seeing a fusion of luxury image with doctor brands, such as Murad. Asia Pacific could benefit from industry-led demand for dermocosmetics by adopting local trends, such as traditional remedies.


Key findings

Dermocosmetics: Demand Drivers

Skin care evolving as the quest for prevention strengthens
Consumer preferences in skin care reflect educational levels
Skin care flourishing on the back of dermacosmetics
Dermacosmetics benefit from perceived price-efficacy balance
Beauty trends the underlying source of dermocosmetics advance
Dermocosmetics and dermatologicals differing counterparts
Dermocosmetics fitting within overall drive for holistic wellbeing
Pollution fuelling concerns amid rising incidence of skin sensitivity
Neurocosmetics : an emerging fad with a bumpy ride ahead?

How is the Competitive Field Evolving?

Dermocosmetics’ strength uneven across regions
Skin care driving pharmacy growth/recovery in Western Europe
Dynamic emerging markets need industry-led health-aligned beauty
Be ahead of the curve where dermocosmetics are less visible
How do pharma -inspired brands compare to luxury skin care?
High price tag not always directly correlated to product credentials
Chanel: A rival to heritage pharma brands?
Higher priced dermocosmetics expanding faster than mass rivals
Case study Beiersdorf: Reinforcing Eucerin’s derma alignment
OTC and dermocosmetics overlapping immediate functions

Prevailing Trends in Formulations

Just how defining are product ingredients in skin and hair care?
Natural and skin health ingredients witness a consumption spur
Biomimetics rooting synthetic ingredients in nature
Diversity inspires new product concepts…
…and opens up new white spaces for niche innovation
What inspiration can beauty players take from nutritionals?
Is there a case for fermented skin care?

Future Developments

Future strategies and product evolution within the competitive field
Niche dermocosmetics: the next standouts to capture attention
Trending beauty segments extend opportunities in dermacosmetics
Health-based skin care innovation costly and faces scrutiny

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Appendix: Industry Forecast Model

About Euromonitor International’s Industry Forecast Model
Soft drivers and the Industry Forecast Model
Growth decomposition explained
Significance and applications for growth decomposition
Key applications for Industry Forecast Models


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