Digital Commerce in North America

June 2019

North America stands out as a global leader in digital commerce. With some of the market’s top players located in the region, innovation continues to spur growth in remote, proximity, and voice purchasing. Government legislation in both the US and Canada works to ensure the security of digital commerce in the region. In the future, North America will remain at near the top of international digital commerce rankings, as it makes strides in connected commerce and digital connectivity.

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Key findings

North America stands out as a leader in digital connectivity and commerce

Both the US and Canada rank among the top-tier countries in terms of digital commerce and connectivity. The ubiquitous nature of mobile phones in North America has allowed faster development of the proximity and remote payment markets to stimulate digital commerce to see year-on-year growth of 12% in 2018. Digital commerce pervades North American society, where it is now commonplace to purchase everything, from weekly groceries to a new car, digitally.

Online shopping leads to blurring of lines in retailing

Retailing leads digital commerce, with a high adoption rate of technological innovations such as remote payments in both the US and Canada. As North American consumers increasingly shift towards online shopping, bricks and mortar stores have started to challenge their business models, and venture into a more diversified portfolio aiming to become a 1-stop shop for their consumer base.

Popularity of mobile commerce leads to high rates of remote and proximity payments

North American consumers increasingly browse products and services through their mobile devices, incentivised by seamless checkout experiences and added transaction security. Digital wallets reduce the friction associated with checkout experiences for both remote and proximity payments. The growth of mobile connectivity is expected to continue this momentum as the smartphone has become the primary connected device in many households.

North America will remain one of the fastest-growing regions through to 2023

Forecasts show that North American digital commerce will continue growing with a CAGR of more than 10% over 2018-2023. North America will maintain the second-highest digital commerce index score globally, behind Australasia, with the US surpassing Australasia in connected commerce.


Key findings

Regional Overview

Putting North America in context
Mobile and wireless internet innovation increases digital commerce
US tech giants inspire digital commerce growth in North America
North America second only to Australasia in connectivity
Remote purchases in retailing surge
PCs remain the chosen medium for remote purchasing
Remote purchases dominate digital commerce in North America
Proximity payments gain traction in retailing and consumer foodservice
Large majority of proximity payments are though mobile devices
Starbucks creates a market for proximity payments in North America

Country Snapshots

US: Market context
US: Digital commerce landscape
Canada: Market context
Canada: Digital commerce landscape

Forecast projections

North America remains a global leader in digital commerce
Proximity continues to grow as digital commerce growth cools
The US will surpass Australasia in connected commerce
Retailing will continue to dominate remote purchasing
Growth in remote mobile purchases to outpace PC purchases
Popularity of remote payments will bring innovation and adaptation
Retailing proximity payments grow exponentially in the US
Wearables’ proximity payments remain minute compared to mobile
Retailing and consumer foodservice top NA proximity payments
North America set to remain world leader in voice commerce
US continues extreme growth in voice purchasing
Voice commerce will expand beyond retail in North America


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