Digital Innovators: Blockchain

October 2019

As the hype around blockchain grows, businesses are recognising its potential to become the next market disruptor. Promising fraud protection and traceability, it revolutionises the supply chain and opens a new era of digital identification. As with most emerging technologies, blockchain is still in its infancy stage of development and appears quite complex. However, its union with other technologies catalysing the pace of innovation such as AI could soon redesign the entire e-commerce paradigm.

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Key Findings

Blockchain decentralisation enables traceability, lower costs and enhanced consumer experience

Blockchain disrupts traditional commerce supply chain routes by creating decentralisation. The technology enables creation of highly trackable goods and services, generating in turn a confidence boost for the end-user. The luxury and food industries are the first benefiting from the technology, which will see growing trust from their consumer base.

Blockchain will restore privacy to consumers

In the context of omnipresent data analytics, consumers’ information is constantly being retrieved and analysed in order to deliver a customised experience. Blockchain enables consumers to make full use of AI-driven devices such as digital assistants, without sharing their data with third parties.

Blockchain has not yet delivered on its promise

Among the reasons blockchain did not deliver on full potential yet is that the technology is nascent and its effective use cases have yet to be uncovered. No clear use case for businesses is the overwhelming reason why businesses do not invest in a new technology and this is particularly the case when it comes to blockchain applied to commerce.

Blockchain and AI will go hand in hand

AI and blockchain merging together will revolutionise commerce in the coming years, creating the most reliable technology-enabled decision-making systems that are immutable and customised at the same time. The emergence of blockchain and confluence of AI will result in the creation of a new set of opportunities for both businesses and consumers in the future.


Scope of the Digital Consumer
Key findings
What is blockchain and what are its main applications?
Blockchain restores control of shared data to the consumer
Integrating blockchain lowers costs and improves consumers’ experience
Blockchain brings privacy to AI-based voice technology
Challenges to blockchain adoption
PayPal targets identity ownership with its first blockchain investment
LVMH reveals blockchain platform to verify luxury goods
Blockchain helps SOMA create a safe social and selling marketplace
Tencent uses blockchain for seamless e-invoice
Starbucks uses blockchain to connect consumers to the farmers
Alibaba invests in blockchain to track its goods origin
H&M’s blockchain -enabled tag lets customers track clothing origin
Sweetgreen uses blockchain to offer safe data driven salad
Go- Jek uses blockchain for a seamless and secured payment system
Facebook launches Libra, digital currency for social network
Voice assistant Snips restores privacy with blockchain
Asian super apps will give blockchain adoption a boost
How blockchain will transform e-commerce over the next few years


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