Digital Transformation in Economies and Consumers

May 2021

Investments into digital technologies and industry 4.0 are transforming economies and consumer behaviour. The briefing examines how digitalisation manifests in manufacturing, mobility, education and consumer lifestyles to improve business efficiencies, laying the foundations for a digital economy.

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Key findings

Growing number of connected households

236 million new households are forecast to gain access to the internet by 2025. The spread of COVID-19 and social distancing have made the usage of digital devices a vital everyday necessity and this is set to support connectivity growth.

Production automation and digitalisation to accelerate

47% of companies plan to reshape digital strategies while 25% plan to accelerate investments into production automation tools. New technologies are forecast to help fortify supply chains and improve operational efficiency.

B2B e-commerce is forecast to gain traction

Global B2B e-commerce market is forecast to expand by 66% over 2020-2025 to reach USD4.5 trillion in the latter year. Growing number of connected households, changing consumer preferences and the need to diversify sales channels are predicted to support B2B e-commerce growth.

Smart cities to improve living standards

By 2040, 64% of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas. The increasing use of digital tools is forecast to transform mobility, utilities, city planning and in turn make cities more people-centric.

Digital learning to help improve education system

Around a third of young adults and middle youth are planning to spend more on technology and education. In turn, education institutions increasingly integrate technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to improve learning outcomes.

Key findings
Changing consumer preferences and supply chain risks to transform economic landscape
Digital transformation in economies and consumers
Exploring digital transformation in economies and consumers
Digital transformation in economies in-depth
Digital business tools
Production automation
B2B e-commerce
Smart cities
Digital learning
Connected households
Digital transformation in focus
Companies are meeting the needs of consumers using various strategies
Integrating digital tools into clients’ systems : Zoom
Using automation tools to help workers: Nissan Motor Company
Adjusting sales channels to better meet customer needs: Kraft Heinz Co
Delivering sustainable mobility in cities: Siemens and On partnership
Adopting freemium business models : BYJU’S
Addressing digital exclusion: aSmartWorld
Digital transformation in economies and consumers
Key industry takeaways
Challenges to overcome
Become tomorrow’s next leader


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