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Drinking Dairy Packaging: Turning a Staple into a Convenient and Healthy Drink

August 2019

This report examines the global outlook for the packaged food industry over the next five years. Recent performance and growth prospects are considered by category and region, including analysis of the top performing companies and brands. This briefing also introduces five key trends shaping the packaged food industry over the long term.

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Key Findings

Dairy packaging demand gathers pace

Global unit volume sales of dairy packaging rose by nearly 2% in 2018, and growth is anticipated to accelerate slightly over the period to 2023. The bulk of this increase will come from the uptake of dairy products in Asia Pacific, as local consumers seek products to eat and to snack on with a healthier profile than conventional sweet and savoury snacks.

Dynamic growth in drinking dairy products spurs opportunities in packaging

Drinking yoghurt and milk alternatives are among the fastest growing dairy categories in value terms. These products benefit from increasing consumer interest in the nutritional credentials of these products, which bodes particularly well for liquid cartons, PET and other plastic bottles.

Drinking yoghurt: plastic bottles fare well for fresh and natural positioning

Drinking yoghurt’s positive outlook, spearheaded by uptake and innovation in Asia Pacific and Latin America, relates to growth in consumption as a daily healthy habit. As such, drinking yoghurt packaging will thrive in small, portioned sizes below 300ml. As commonly seen in 100% juice, shaped liquid cartons could step away from their ambient territory, currently well explored in China. They will face fierce competition from plastic bottles, which help brand owners reflect a fresher image, with PET being favoured for a premium image.

Milk alternatives to change the game

Growing awareness of health and environmental issues related to cow’s milk has led consumers to turn to an increasing range of plant-based varieties. While milk alternatives show good growth prospects as a food staple, single-serve packaging could be further leveraged to expand their role as a nutritious drink for on-the-go consumption.

Key findings
Consumers increasingly seek healthier lifestyles and products
Dairy leads food packaging and will compete more with snacks
Most dynamic pack types in dairy will be for liquid products
Drinking yoghurt and plant-based milk see fastest consumer uptake
Drinking yoghurt packaging thrives in Asia Pacific and the US
In China, shaped liquid cartons facilitate rise in ambient yoghurt
PET bottles help position drinking yoghurt as fresh and natural
Functional drinking yoghurt needs more demographic segmentation
Consumers in mature regions seek plant-based milk varieties
Milk alternatives have room to develop in out-of-home consumption
Southern Europeans shift from ambient cow’s milk to alternatives
Fresher image through liquid carton shape and reclosability
In the US, PET bottles help bridge Califia Farms’ beverages
Drinking dairy packaging: r ecommendations


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