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Do you need better online sales data to get an accurate picture of whether your sales are keeping up with your competitors?


Eliminate the guesswork from tracking online sales

To help you win online, we offer quarterly online sales by industry, category, sub-category, brand and retailer. We map SKU-level purchase data from clickstream panels, e-receipts and online retailers to our globally standardised taxonomy. No other company empowers you with such unique and comprehensive e-commerce data, helping you to take the guesswork out of tracking online sales performance.

iconsEcommerce23_detail (2).svgYou can measure your brand’s quarterly online sales against your competitors

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You can identify the fastest growing countries, categories and retailers to sharpen your digital strategy


We combine our traditional research with expertise in data science & machine learning to make sense of ‘big’ e-commerce datasets

Discover which categories, companies and brands are winning online 

Making sense of e-commerce purchase data

We map real SKU purchase data from clickstream panels, e-receipts and online retailers to our globally standardised taxonomy using our expertise in machine learning and data science.  By combining ‘big’ e-commerce datasets with our tradition retail research, we estimate online sales at a category, company and brand level for easy tracking and comparison. Learn more about our methodology. 


How easily can you track who is winning online and growth opportunities?

Preview our interactive E-commerce dashboard to understand the questions our online sales data will help you to answer.

  • What are the best-performing and fastest-growing categories online? 
  • How do your brands’ online sales compare to your competitors?
  • Which online retailers are driving sales growth each quarter? 

For an optimal user experience, this interactive dashboard is best viewed on screens with a width of at least 990px.

Take the guesswork out of tracking online sales performance

If you are already a Passport user you can see a fuller example of E-Commerce 

Watch our webinar for tips to sharpen your digital strategy

E-commerce experts from Carrefour, Colgate-Palmolive and Publicis Groupe answer essential questions to help you understand how to elevate your online presence. Watch On-Demand




Do you need deeper data insights to shape your online strategy?

Need to analyse online pricing data? 

We can provide you with daily pricing and promotions data from more than 1000 websites in 40 countries around the world..  

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Need more granular online sales forecasts? 

We can offer you projections on the share of your categories which will sell through e-commerce channels such as omnichannel, pure-play and last-mile.

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Need an overview of the e-commerce landscape?

We can give you an overview of competitors, business models, emerging technologies, and evolving omni channels shopper needs which can inform your strategies to grow and sustain your e-commerce presence..

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