Economies in 2018

January 2018

Despite ongoing risks, Euromonitor International expects an improving outlook for the global economy in 2018, with broad, sustained growth and low inflation resulting in GDP in constant terms surpassing US$80.0 trillion for the first time. Emerging market economic growth will outpace advanced countries but positive US and eurozone outlooks will underpin growth. We offer key insights from economy, finance and trade; cities; business dynamics; industrial; and natural resources perspectives.

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The globaleconomy will expand

Euromonitor International forecasts that the globaleconomy will expand by an additional US$2.9trillion in constant terms in 2018, to surpassUS$80.0 trillion. Developed economies will accountfor 60.0% of the total but growth is being driven byemerging and developing countries.

Chinese Slowdown

An improved outlook in major economies like theUSA, India and Brazil will coincide with a continuedChinese slowdown and the uncertainty of Brexitweighing on UK economic growth further. However, risks to the global economy include aChina hard landing with the added complication ofthe country’s high private debt burden, a moregeneral emerging market slowdown, or a conflictbetween the USA and North Korea.

Emerging Markets

Euromonitor International expects emergingmarkets to account for 57.0% of global economicgrowth in 2018; US cities to lead per capitadisposable income growth in absolute terms;higher education levels to continue improving;China to focus on innovation-led production; andrural Sub-Saharan Africa to have the lowest accessto electricity globally.

Economies in 2018
The global economic landscape in 2018
The global economy in 2018
Emerging markets drive global economic growth in 2018
US and Chinese cities to lead disposable income growth in 2018
US cities to lead per capita disposable income growth in 2018
G lobal business environment in 2018
Developing countries making strides in improving business environment
Key industrial t rends in 2018
A year of digital technology and automation in manufacturing
Sub-Saharan Africa to have the world’s lowest electricity penetration
Electricity deficit could become more acute with population growth


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