Education in India

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Mar 2019

India increasingly adopt education technologies, which are set to transform fragmented education system

The government continuously implements ambitious policy reforms, addressing educational inequality

Education industry is projected to expand by 14% CAGR over 2017-2022 period, as a result of burgeoning youth population, rising private spending on education and digital initiatives

The industry grows by 12% in 2017, driven by higher public and private education expenditures

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Education in India

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Education in India



Public spending growth on education will remain subdued due to limited fiscal space

Competitive Landscape

Low-cost private schools are overtaking public education institutions
Edtech is set to disrupt education industry in India

Industry Overview

Chart 1 Turnover 2002-2022
Chart 2 Value Added 2012-2017, LCU million
Chart 3 Profit and Profit Margin 2012-2017
Chart 4 Turnover by Category 2012-2017, LCU million
Chart 5 Secondary Education Turnover 2002-2022
Chart 6 Higher Education Turnover 2002-2022
Chart 7 Pre-Primary and Primary Education Turnover 2002-2022
Chart 8 Adult and Other Education Turnover 2002-2022
Chart 9 Absolute Growth by Category, LCU million

Cost Structure

Chart 10 Cost Structure 2012-2017, LCU million
Chart 11 Costs' Structure
Chart 12 B2B Costs
Chart 13 Evolution of B2B Costs 2012-2017

Market Structure

Chart 14 Market Structure 2012-2017, LCU million


Chart 15 Market Structure by Buyer 2012-2017
Chart 16 Demand Structure
Chart 17 B2B Buyers
Chart 18 Evolution of B2B Buyers 2012-2017


Chart 19 Employment Statistics and Productivity 2012-2017
Chart 20 Industry Concentration 2012-2017, % share of Turnover
Chart 21 Top Companies' Shares 2017, % of Turnover
Chart 22 Turnover Performance by Company 2012-2017

Industry Context

Chart 23 Industry vs GDP Performance 2002-2022, % Y-O-Y growth
Chart 24 Education vs Other Industries 2002-2022, LCU million
Chart 25 Industry Turnover by Region 2017, USD million
Chart 26 Education in Asia Pacific 2002-2022, USD million