Environmental Sustainability Index

June 2019

Environmental pressures and consumer demand are set to reshape business models and operations with a revolution of product technologies and services. This report introduces Euromonitor’s Environmental Sustainability Index, which ranks 97 markets – which in 2018 represented 89.1% of the world’s population and 97.2% of global GDP – highlighting country-specific risks and opportunities in the sustainability space.

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Key Findings

Why environmental sustainability?

With economies heavily dependent on natural resources for their operations and more stringent legislation coming into place, the protection of natural resources and the transition towards more sustainable production and consumption models has become a strategic imperative for corporate survival and success. While environmental shifts and pressures pose substantial operational risks and challenges to businesses, they also open up exciting opportunities to make significant changes in resources’ efficiency, renewable energy and water solutions, and ultimately grow the bottom line, contributing to accelerating the transition to achieve a more sustainable future, making the 2030 UN agenda a reality.

Sustainability key to corporate success

Although sustainability is not a new concept, global attention to this topic has soared, especially after the launch of the UN Sustainability Development Goals in 2015, a global framework to guide the transition towards a more sustainable future by 2030. As investors, stakeholders and consumers are starting to demand accountability for environmental impacts, corporations are increasingly seeing the value of putting sustainability at the core of their business strategies with a growing number of “purpose-driven” businesses, as opposed to traditional “profit-driven” businesses across all industries.

An index for strategic sustainability planning

Every industry has its own environmental challenges and opportunities depending on the markets where they source, manufacture and sell their products. The Environmental Sustainability Index provides a multi-dimensional framework that can be used by businesses and governments to make informed decisions regarding their sustainability strategies and programmes.

Key findings
Why sustainability matters
Key sustainability drivers for businesses
UN Sustainable development goals
The environmental sustainability index
The six core pillars of environmental sustainability
Cross-country comparability
Environmental Sustainability Index: overall ranking
World’s largest and fastest-growing economies
Structure of this section
Energy pillar
Market performance in energy
Energy ranking: top and bottom performers
Opportunities in the shift towards renewable energy
Case study: the future of transportation is electric
Water pillar
Market performance in water
Water ranking: top and bottom performers
Opportunities for smart and water-efficient products
Case study: water scarcity is a threat to sustainable development
Pollution pillar
Market performance in pollution
Pollution ranking: top and bottom performers
Transition towards a more sustainable energy and waste future
Case study: Ikea’s solution to urban air pollution
Environmental resilience pillar
Market performance in environmental resilience
Environmental Resilience ranking: top and bottom performers
A clear business case for action on climate change
Case study: the crops of the future
Forest and biodiversity pillar
Market performance in forest and biodiversity
Forest and biodiversity ranking: top and bottom performers
Opportunities for sustainable sourcing
Case study: designing products for the planet
Food and agriculture pillar
Market performance in food and agriculture
Food ranking: top and bottom performers
Opportunities for climate resilience and sustainable food
Case study: Making snacks from coffee waste
Recommendations for businesses
Environmental sustainability index: indicators
Metrics used to calculate the indicators


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