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Euromonitor Consulting: Initial Public Offering (IPO) 

Our research helps your organisation create an independent assessment of an industry sector, helping investors evaluate market conditions, the competitive landscape and market drivers and constraints. 

Quickly access information for Industry Overviews 

The micro- and macroeconomic environment of the investment is analysed alongside the impact on sector growth, both historic and forecast.  

Monitor the competitive landscape 

Company rankings and shares highlight a company's positioning in the competitive landscape. The supporting analysis examines performance, strategies, strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors. 

Understand true growth potential

Market sizes and forecasts offer an impartial view of sector growth potential. Our unbiased analysis explains trends and evaluates market drivers and constraints on growth. 

Project management to meet your IPO deadline 

Our reputation as a trusted industry analyst lets us talk directly to official industry organisations, leading companies in the market, suppliers, distributors and customers for a rounded perspective of an industry. A project's scope and definitions are carefully defined with all stakeholders at the start, with regular progress updates to meet your IPO timetable. 

Analysis tailored to your needs 

We tailor our IPO research to your exact business needs. Get fast access to the statistics and analysis you need through our syndicated research as well as custom solutions designed to your specific needs, from niche sectors to multi-sector, multi-country industry analysis. 

A trusted industry source

Leading investment banks, corporate finance advisors and end clients have worked with us on more than 500
IPO-related transactions to support and validate investment decisions. 

For more information on our IPO solutions, please read more in our brochure. 

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