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Euromonitor Consulting: Market Reports

When your company is short on time, lacks resources or is unsure where to start, consider our market reports as your guide to the most relevant data and insights for thousands of categories and 80 countries across the globe.

Quickly inform strategic business decisions

Market Reports cater to fast changing targets. With a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks, our capabilities bypass extended time requirements often associated with ad-hoc research.

Create an effective first filter

Save time and money by screening opportunity markets. Our reports prioritise real opportunities aligning with your capabilities and objectives, and eliminate those that aren’t a match.

Understand the big picture

Quickly place a category in context across a wide range of countries by positioning it alongside substitutes, complements and key economic indicators.

Leverage local insight to understand consumer trends

Reports draw on insights and analysis produced by our research network across 80 countries to help frame and understand country and regional preferences.

Create visually engaging stories for presentations

Reports are visually engaging and can be used as a valuable and time-saving input for big-picture strategic projects such as emerging industry and consumer trend presentations, white space analyses or competitor overviews.

Develop strategies based on trusted intelligence

Add context to your decisions by demonstrating the wider industry picture and make your planning more effective using independent research.