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Euromonitor Consulting: Research Methodology

We cover all developed markets and focus on researching challenging frontier markets where few reliable sources exist.

After 8,000 successful projects, our in-country analysts are close to the sources, companies and customers that support data collection, local observation and real insights.

Global research network


We provide strategic business intelligence that transforms data into useful information for strategic planning. More than ever, our client projects require solutions combining qualitative and quantitative research methods for stronger data and deeper insights.

We do not adhere to one methodology and design the best solution for your project. Often, the best answers are reached through analysis of multiple sources collected with different research techniques.

Our analysts evaluate trends, spot patterns and provide new insights with supporting evidence, telling the story behind the numbers.​

Our Partnerships

Clients commend our meticulous desire to understand their needs as we carefully define the project scope, objectives and deliverables. We share our project tools, templates and discussion guides to ensure research outputs are appropriately aligned.

We share findings as the research unfolds for your feedback and encourage conversations to test and appraise findings. We build understanding through collation, validation and triangulation of all inputs.

Our research findings are transparently reported with all assumptions, sources and supporting evidence. Post-delivery support is part of our service, providing presentations and workshops to interact and discuss findings as you review the conclusions of the research and plan next steps.


Our reputation as a trusted research provider allows our analysts to speak directly with official industry organisations, leading companies in the market, suppliers, distributors and customers, providing a well-rounded perspective of an industry.

A project’s scope and definitions are carefully defined with all stakeholders at the start, with regular progress updates to meet your IPO timetable. Our research findings are transparently reported with all assumptions, sources and supporting evidence. We offer post-delivery research support to answer questions on the final Industry Overview prior to its publication.

We collect new data and build original analysis based on the industry consensus. The data is reconciled and cross-checked with multiple sources before the analysis is developed around a client's specific terms of reference; all explanations of trends in the data are backed with supporting evidence.