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Euromonitor Consulting: Scorecards

Scorecards leverage the socio-economic and industry data, combined with our analysts' expertise and your success criteria to effectively select and weigh indicators that identify, screen and prioritise market opportunities.

Compare opportunities using a standard measurement tool 

Ensure an objective assessment and unbiased results by comparing opportunities leveraging like-for-like indicators from our Passport database, which includes more than 120 million cross country comparable metrics.

Include your own data and lenses

There will be times when you want to include your own “ability-to-win” indicators, internal or external to your organisation, such as your sales-force number, industry distributor margins or industry indicators such as refrigerated cold chain penetration. These metrics are easily incorporated into a scorecard with custom weighing to better inform your business opportunities.

Discover the fundamental attributes of growth markets

When exploring where to promote your brand or product, scorecards determine the success metrics desirable markets have in common and what to look for when identifying future opportunity markets such as MNC concentration, size of the addressable consumer market or per capita expenditure in complementary categories.

Effectively prioritise market development activities

Leverage a consistent framework and metrics to evaluate market opportunities. Combine this knowledge with your strategic success criteria and goals to quickly and effectively screen and prioritise where to invest time and resources.