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Where others see global complexity, we see opportunity. Our research consulting team works to answer your commercial questions with data and insights generated by our research
experts, industry knowledge and network of 800 on-the-ground analysts in 80 developed, emerging and frontier markets.


We help clients identify growth opportunities and support functions from strategy, finance, innovation and insights, to category and marketing teams.

In more than 8,000 projects, we have demonstrated our expertise in consumer goods categories, industrial sectors and B2B industries. We focus on building collaborative partnerships with clients, constructing studies exploring market sizing, competitive intelligence, trend analysis, market attractiveness and marketing claims. Our cost-effective research will change the way you think about, approach and take action in global markets.

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Analysis Areas



We evaluate long-term trends, external macro factors and the wider operating environment, bringing context on the market and to company performance. We develop successful strategies in preparation for the impact from transformative global forces on economies, cultures, consumer lifestyles and their businesses conditions impacting a market including country, consumer and environmental factors.


Learn the story behind the numbers with our market measurement analysis. We help you measure the potential of new markets and growth opportunities, identify new channel and category prospects and reduce the risk from new initiatives. Our market modellers and econometricians measure and forecast sales demand, combined with qualitative analysis of trends and industry drivers, to support strategic decisions.


Identify and understand competitors in your market, analyse their strengths and weaknesses and learn from successes and failures with our competitive environment reporting. We identify opportunities using comparative analysis of competitors’ portfolios including sales performance, innovation, positioning, target customers and channels of distribution.


We measure product sales and provide a full distribution analysis through all B2C and B2B channels to help clients spot growth opportunities, adapt to change and maximize sales and exposure to customers.  To develop successful multi-channel distribution strategies, we analyse market structure and supply-chain organisation and provide insights on local trade-relationships, distribution partners, possible barriers and potential entry-points.


Evaluate emerging trends, changes in the market and customer preferences to explore products of the future with our positioning and innovation research. Identification of the latest international product developments and new service concepts, combined with analysis of market trends, consumer preferences and industry insider insights, pinpoints success drivers and market failures.

Our Projects


Go beyond retail and track sales in alternative channels, a common blind spot for businesses. Explore sales to alternative channels such as hotels, salons or airports, to obtain a full view of potential opportunities.


Initial public offering (IPO)  

Our research and analysis are used in IPO documents and offer an objective view of an industry sector from a credible, trusted source, helping investors fully evaluate the market environment, competitive landscape and an investment's market position and growth prospects. 

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Market Reports

Our market reports are the quickest way to gain insight for thousands of categories and 80 countries across the globe.

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We provide clients with an initial view of the “size of the prize,”
insight on main distribution channels and the configuration of the competitive environment.



Organisations need to quickly determine which markets or companies present an opportunity best matching their strategic goals. We assist you in the screening and identification of opportunities matching your success criteria.

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We help clients identify growth opportunities and support functions from strategy, finance, innovation and insights, to category and marketing teams.

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