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17th Retail Asia Awards 2022

Hianyang Chan Profile Picture
Hianyang Chan Senior Consultant​

Session date and time:

6 May 22 | SGT: 12:00 AM - 6 May 22 | SGT: 12:00 AM

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Retail Asia is proud to launch the 17th Retail Asia Awards, a prestigious and exciting event that gathers the region's best retailers and recognises the most outstanding retail initiatives.

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Judging criteria: Euromonitor International is pleased to partner with the 17th Retail Asia Awards. Hianyang Chan, Senior Consultant is invited as one the Judge. A few criteria for judging he shares below.

Opportunities for growth in this region remain extensive and I will be expecting innovations and projects that encompasses new and better store formats and concepts that blend online and in-store shopping, initiatives and solutions that seamlessly address health and safety while still able to provide an immersive in-store customer experience, responding and supporting a renewed focus on tackling climate change or integrating mechanisms and partnerships to better improve customer loyalty. 

Some of the criteria for these projects or innovations I’m looking for includes:

o           How seamless and impactful it is
o           Does it cater to a wide range of consumer groups
o           If there is potential for longevity
o           And sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and it does not always require a high capital investment.
Date and time of the session: 5 May 2022
Name and title of the speaker: Hianyang Chan, Senior Consultant

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