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2022 China Cosmetic Summit

Hangzhou, China - Asia Pacific
Kelly Tang Profile Picture
Kelly Tang Senior Analyst

Session date and time:

24 Aug 22 | China Time: 02:00 PM - 24 Aug 22 | China Time: 02:20 PM

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China Cosmetic Summit, hosted by Pinguan, is one of the most influential conferences in Beauty and Personal Care industry in China. It started in 2008, and this year will be the 15th. With insightful content sharings and high-level guest speakers, each event gathers over 1,500 industry elites.

Session title: World Dermocosmetics Trends

Session description: With people becoming increasingly conscious about their health, the new era of efficacious skin care is coming. What are the new trends in the dermocosmetics industry? What kind of products are attracting consumer's attention? Who are the main players in the China market? Sign up for the physical event and learn more!
Date and time of the EMI session: 24 Aug 2022, 14:00-14:20 Beijing Time
Name and title of speaker involved: Kelly Tang, Client Engagement Consultant
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Latest Content


MakeUp in NewYork 2023

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International

20 Sep 23 | AT: 12:30 PM

As a Glo.cal* business facilitator, MakeUp in NewYork orchestrates a professional and convivial event connecting the most innovative and talented cosmetic suppliers with the most successful skincare and make-up brands, in the heart an American beauty industry’s hub: New York!


SPF Moisturisers’ Moment in the Sun: How Skinification is Changing Sun Care in Western Europe

Brando Coleman

Brando Coleman

5 Sep 23

In recent years, sun protection has become a part of consumers’ holistic wellness routines, with multifunctional products becoming increasingly relevant. As a result, the beauty and personal care industry has witnessed a wave of new hybrid products, particularly SPF moisturisers, primers, and lip balms. Euromonitor International expects to see premiumisation and elevated claims in skin care and sun care, as they increasingly compete for the same target consumer.


Ayurvedic Alchemy: Uncovering India's Ingredient-Led Ayurvedic Beauty Industry

Pallavi Arora

Pallavi Arora

1 Sep 23

Ayurveda is evolving with increasing emphasis on ingredient-led product positioning in the beauty industry, with premium Ayurvedic products more readily accepted in the country due to a growing focus on natural, tailor-made product offerings. Ayurvedic brands are growing their opportunities through fusion products that combine the best of Ayurvedic and derma ingredients—a concept which is expected to hold great significance for the coming years.


Transforming Women’s Health: Four Key Pillars of Empowerment

Irina Barbalova

Irina Barbalova

29 Aug 23

Women’s Health has been identified by industry leaders and through Euromonitor International’s global analyst network as one of the most commercially relevant themes across a wide range of consumer-facing industries, including health, beauty, nutrition, feminine care and lifestyle sectors.


Budgeteers and Eco Economic in Australian Beauty and Personal Care

Julia Illera

Julia Illera

9 Aug 23

The post-pandemic recovery of beauty and personal care decelerated in 2022, tempered by high inflation, rising unit prices and overall economic uncertainties, which continued to impact the daily lives of consumers in Australia.


The Promise of the Philippines: A Retail Success Story

Melissa Gan

Melissa Gan

4 Aug 23

Retail in the Philippines has been showing great promise, with players encouraged by its high growth rate across various retail categories. This is particularly true in luxury goods, with the Philippines set to be the fast-growing market in Southeast Asia for this sector. In addition, retail e-commerce growth rates in the Philippines are set to surpass all other markets in the region.

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