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AgroProdMash 2021

Moscow, Russia
Justinas Liuima Profile Picture
Justinas Liuima Insights Manager, Industrial

Session date and time:

4 Oct 21 | Moscow Time: 08:00 AM -

8 Oct 21 | Moscow Time: 04:00 PM

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The non-commercial partnership «National Union of Meat Processors» has been founded ten years ago. Over the years the union has brought together dozens of meat-processing companies from different regions of Russia. On 5th of October 2021 the non-commercial partnership «National Union of Meat Processors» will hold the VIII All-Russian meeting for the owners and managers of meat processing companies as part of business program at the international exhibition "AGROPRODMASH-2021".

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*Euromonitor will participate online. 

Session title: Opportunities for Russian Food and Beverages Industry in Asia

Session description: Euromonitor International will present an overview of Asian food and beverages industry and the overview of key markets, such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, and Azerbaijan. Euromonitor's expert will also talk about long-term changes in global food and beverages industry – shift towards production localisation, investments in automation and e-commerce. Finally, the latest sustainability trends will be presented during the event.

Session date and time: Tuesday, 5 October 2021, 11:30-12:00 Moscow time

Speaker name and title: Justinas Liuima, Senior Consultant

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Rabia Yasmeen

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While the COVID-19 pandemic has driven many shifts given its long-standing impact on consumers and markets, an unstable global geopolitical environment continues to challenge both global and regional business environments. With rising inflation and looming recession, businesses are already feeling the impact of many factors. However, supply chain disruption and inflation are only evident outcomes of underlying systemic changes. This article will bring into perspective the need to have contextual frameworking and highlight the focus on innovation as a strategic priority.


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Justinas Liuima

Justinas Liuima

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12 Aug 22

2022年全球经济预计会急剧放缓,在大宗商品价格高涨和波动、重大地缘政治紧张以及中国经济增速放缓的情况下,滞胀(经济停滞和高通货膨胀)的风险更大。尽管现在是美国和欧元区经济体正面临着巨大的滞胀危机,但如果蔓延至全球都进入滞胀时代,那么发展中和新兴市场也会受到重创。 欧睿的新板块“全球滞胀宏观经济模型“将为您分析全球滞胀对主要经济体带来的可能影响。


From Disruption to Advantage: Supply Chain Resilience and Decarbonisation in Europe

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Stephen Dutton

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This article is the first of a two-part analysis of supply chain challenges and insights for companies in Germany, with relevance for companies doing business across Europe. Part one explores the ongoing challenges in global supply chain structures amidst the pressure to decarbonise. Part two explores regional distribution structures and innovative last-mile strategies, thinking about consumer touchpoints and access as a competitive advantage.


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Lan Ha

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The outlook for the global economy remains challenging, as the war in Ukraine lingers and private consumption shows signs of weakening amid intensified inflationary pressures and rising uncertainty. Take a look at our quarterly blog post highlighting the latest macroeconomic forecasts.


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Aiste Navaityte

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Rising prices affect all aspects of the economy and shape market confidence. Inflation can be a positive sign of economic growth or a negative indicator of an overheated market. Therefore, tracking inflation leads to better understanding of the economic backdrop of business and consumer markets and to better decision-making.

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