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Anuga 2021


Session date and time:

9 Oct 21 | CET: 10:30 AM -

13 Oct 21 | CET: 07:30 PM

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Ready for the double re-start: Anuga, the leading global trade fair for the food and beverage industry, is taking place in Cologne from 09.-13.10.2021. But that is not all: For the first time, the leading industry get-together is additionally being enhanced by the new digital format, Anuga @home, from 11.-13.10.2021. Wherever you operate worldwide – we are offering you the opportunity to be part of the hybrid edition of Anuga – whether on-site in Cologne or in digital form.
Industry-leading and pioneering, expert and reliable: Anuga is also supporting the food and beverage industry with its unique, dynamic strength in 2021. Especially now, in combination with Anuga @home, Anuga forms the basis for good business and new economic perspectives and will bring the industry players together in their entirety on a personal level and in the digital world.
Euromonitor International's Session titles:
1. From Farm to Fork: Food Tech, Origins and Security
2. Mapping the Opportunity of Labels and Claims Online
3. The Era of Food on Demand: From Shopping to "Meal Fulfilment"
Session description:
1. From Farm to Fork: Food Tech, Origins and Security:
Food manufacturers face a future in which food origins and product sourcing will grow in importance for consumers. At the same time, technological shifts are creating new frontiers in traceability, digital storytelling and local sourcing. The intersection of these trends is creating a new era of opportunities across the “farm to fork” journey. This presentation will delve into the disruptive implications for food supply chains and consumers’ path to purchase and how brands are adapting with new methods of storytelling, pivoting to local sourcing and exploring new routes to market.
2. Mapping the Opportunity of Labels and Claims Online
After an eventful period with COVID-19, the phenomenally developed online grocery channel is a highlight on food companies’ marketing agendas. How to ensure that all relevant selling points are communicated as clearly online as on-pack, across multiple geographies and retailers? This presentation dives into our capability to use online SKU analysis for highlighting the most important and fastest-growing claims across Ethical, Dietary and Health and Clean Labels, as well as the companies and brands leading the pack. While Dietary and Health claim obviously are key to food and drinks, the fastest growth is to be found in Ethical Labels.
3. The Era of Food on Demand: From Shopping to "Meal Fulfillment"
As more planned occasions migrate online, physical retail and foodservice operators will increasingly compete for the same set of same-day, unplanned/low-planning “meal fulfillment” occasions. Explosive growth in food and drink delivery - vastly accelerated by COVID-19 - has changed the strategic calculus for every food and drink brand, retail and foodservice, packaged and prepared. This presentation will examine the post-pandemic demand for prepared meals at home and the range of opportunities emerging for retailers and packaged food brands.
1. Maria Masquaraque, Industry Manager at Euromonitor International
2. David Hedin, Senior Consultant at Euromonitor International
3. Stephen Dutton, Senior Consultant at Euromonitor International
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