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BHB Food - 11th edition

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Euromonitor International

Session date and time:

29 Sep 21 | Brazil Time: 10:00 AM - 1 Oct 21 | Brazil Time: 12:00 PM

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BHB FOOD 2021 takes place between 29th September to 1st October. The online conference dives into trends and innovations in food, beverage, and supplements. Inspired by nature. The virtual conference offers lectures with the most current and relevant topics on marketing, health, nutrition, and consumer desires. Euromonitor International is pleased to present ‘Mindful Eating: The Search for Simple and Functional’ in the event's opening presentation.

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Session title: ‘Mindful Eating: The search for simple and functional’

Session description: Modern consumers are increasingly aware of the effects that food can bring to the body and mind, expanding the possibilities of these benefits and changing their relationship with food. A broader and more attentive understanding of how food can impact the consumer's quality of life is what we call Conscious Eating. Through planned meals, this new consumer profile will seek products that provide both physical and psychological improvements.

Session date and time: Wednesday, 29 September at 10 am (Brazil Time)

Speaker name and title: Gregory Ribeiro

Latest Content


Functional Health in Asia: Driving Value in Food Innovation

Emil Fazira

Emil Fazira

6 Sep 23

Asian consumers define health in a number of different ways, spread across both physical and mental wellbeing. Some markets are more skewed towards one type than another; Thais’ top three definitions of health are mental wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, and getting enough sleep, while South Koreans define healthiness as the absence of disease, avoiding illness, and having a healthy immune system.


Business Breakfast in Bangkok

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International

Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) 23 Aug 23 | Thailand Time: 11:00 AM

Emil Fazira, our Insights Manager - Food Asia, will be visiting Bangkok for our upcoming business breakfast which will be held in partnership with Salad Plate and Informa Markets.


Keeping Beauty Clean: Paving the Way for Skinification, Dermocosmetics, and Ingredient-Led Beauty in Southeast Asia

Rachel Kok

Rachel Kok

18 Jul 23

The pandemic brought a timely reminder of the importance of personal hygiene, as Southeast Asian consumers flocked to stock their homes with a wider range of shower products. Three years later, the industry has witnessed this concept of cleanliness morphing into a deeper appreciation for the ingredients that comprise beauty and personal care products.


Diverging Paths: Exploring Contrasting Performances in Sportswear

Fátima Linares

Fátima Linares

30 Jun 23

Sportswear outperformed apparel and footwear over 2017-2022. However, not all brands capitalised on this favourable trend. On the bright side is lululemon, the brand that keeps surprising with strong growth even in markets where others struggle. What makes the difference to compete - and win - in the competitive sportswear industry?


Gut Health: From Digestion to Mood Management

Maria Mascaraque

Maria Mascaraque

2 Jun 23

As demand for health and wellness solutions continues to rise, functional foods are gaining traction. However, there has been a notable shift from narrow functional benefits to a more holistic approach that considers the wellbeing of both body and mind.


Redefining Dairy and Alternatives Through Innovation

Maria Mascaraque

Maria Mascaraque

21 Apr 23

Innovation is crucial to reverse volume decline and to build added value in the dairy industry that consumers are willing to pay extra for. This includes developing new products that meet changing consumer preferences, such as healthier and functional offerings as well as plant-based alternatives.

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