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Cosmoprof North America

Las Vegas Convention Center, NV, USA - North America
Kayla Villena Profile Picture
Kayla Villena Industry Manager, Beauty and Personal Care

Session date and time:

12 Jul 22 | PT: 12:00 PM - 14 Jul 22 | PT: 01:00 PM

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Cosmoprof North America is the leading business-to-business beauty exhibition in the Americas. Recognized for its dynamic growth and unique programs, the event offers the entire beauty industry an opportunity to come together to make new relationships and foster collaborations. CPNA serves as the premier launching pad for new beauty brands by introducing revolutionary technologies, product innovations, and new channels of manufacturing, packaging, and distribution.

Summary of session: This presentation will examine how the core values of Generation Z are changing the beauty industry globally and how beauty companies are responding to values that resonate with Gen Z, such as sustainability, genderless beauty, and social cause marketing. Generation Z’s role and active participation in beauty user-generated content, which has proliferated across platforms such as TikTok, Little Red Book and YouTube, has profoundly changed the way brands market themselves. Some of these new methods include influencers, livestreaming, avatars and the metaverse, among others. This presentation will identify consumer segments, path to purchase factors, and markets that have the best prospects for Gen Z beauty consumers, while also discussing the best prospects for beauty players' future digital investments for this cohort.
Name and title of all speaker: Kayla Villena, industry manager, beauty and personal care.
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Kauthar Jakoet

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African Beauty has emerged as a robust and contemporary trend within the beauty and personal care space. Defined as a multi-dimensional concept that looks at the continent’s rich history when it comes to beauty rituals and self-expression, the trend highlights the notion that many beauty and personal care products do not address the specific needs of African consumers.


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Cosmoprof Asia, the leading b2b international beauty trade show in Asia, is where global beauty trendsetters gather to introduce their cutting-edge technologies, product innovations, and new solutions.


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12 Oct 23

Understanding market trends, how competitors are innovating in response, and what new brands are entering the market are all crucial elements in building a well-informed brand strategy. Euromonitor has been tracking New Product Development (NPD) in the Beauty and Personal Care industry in key markets across the region, including Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina, to understand the innovation occurring within the industry.


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Historically known for their robust economic growth, many Asian economies are grappling with a complex combination of energy vulnerabilities and aspirations for a sustainable energy future amidst a rapidly evolving global energy landscape. This article delves into the energy vulnerability of select Asian countries, offering insights into the challenges they face and the opportunities they can seize to enhance their energy security.

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