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ENGAGE – The Contract Packaging and Manufacturing Experience

The Westin Riverwalk - San Antonio, TX, USA

Session date and time:

22 Feb 23 | CT: 09:00 AM - 22 Feb 23 | CT: 10:15 AM

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ENGAGE – The Contract Packaging and Manufacturing Experience provides attendees with deep insight into how relationships, regulatory compliance, technology marketing, and education can all come together to positively impact your bottom line.

Session title: The Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2023

Session description: Where is 2023 taking us?  Customers are your lifeline, and their behaviors never stop evolving. After experiencing radical lifestyles shifts over the past 3 years, consumers have become more and more aware of where they want to go and how they want to get there. 2022 saw them taking back the reins and paving a path forward based on passions and values, and 2023 will see them balancing between habit improvements and the uncertainty of where they will be in the future.
We uncover the top 10 global trends each year, so companies know what consumers across all ages and realities want. These trends help you stay ahead of disruption, predict shopping motivations, and fulfil unmet needs. These data-supported insights will drive your decisions, guide your investments and growth plans in 2023 and we are here to lead the way. 
Session date and time: 22 February, 9:30-10:15am Central Time
Speaker: Diego Borjas, Research Analyst

Latest Content


Top Drink Trends at the IFT FIRST Conference

Nik Allen

Nik Allen

11 Aug 23

As explored in Euromonitor International’s recent food-focused article, the Institute of Food Technologist’s (IFT) annual conference highlights the newest developments in food and ingredient production, research, and innovation. While the primary focus of the conference was on trends and breakthroughs in the food industry, the implications of the findings and concerns in the edible space hold relevance in the potable space. The nutritional trends and expansive academic studies warrant a closer look.


Key Trends and Growth Markets for Beauty Packaging

Jeremy Roberts

Jeremy Roberts

18 Jul 23

This article examines Euromonitor's latest research and data on beauty and personal care packaging, to give an understanding of the key trends and how they're shaping demand, and which countries are the key growth markets to watch.


Focus on Supply Chain Resilience Increases Amid Global Risks

Justinas Liuima

Justinas Liuima

5 Jul 23

Supply chain optimisation is one of the key trends in the manufacturing sector that will shape the global manufacturing landscape over the next decade. Increased economic uncertainty, rising geopolitical tensions, the need to improve operational efficiency and still prevalent transportation bottlenecks drive the need to improve supply chain resilience to better withstand future shocks.


Tracking Annual Consumer Sentiment on Sustainability in Packaging

Jared Conway

Jared Conway

9 Jun 23

In recent years, the global sustainability movement has propelled consumers to scrutinise every aspect of their purchasing decisions, particularly when it comes to the packaging of the products they purchase. However, once highly regarded sustainable solutions in packaging are now facing wavering consumer sentiment.


EXPO PACK Guadalajara

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International

Expo Guadalajara Av. Mariano Otero #1499, Colonia Verde Valle, Guadalajara, Jalisco 13 Jun 23 | CT: 09:00 AM

EXPO PACK Guadalajara 2023 will convene the top suppliers in packaging and processing from around the world to showcase the latest technologies in action, sustainable solutions, and innovative machinery and materials that cover 40+ vertical markets.


How Inflation in Latin America is Impacting Consumers and Manufacturers of Home Care Products

Paula Ferolla Correia

Paula Ferolla Correia

16 Sep 22

Euromonitor International forecasts that Latin America will be the region with the highest rate of inflation in 2022 at 15.1%. Consumers are generally expected to exhibit increasingly price-sensitive behaviour when shopping for home care products. They are expected to purchase in bulk and look for promotions and discounts more frequently.

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