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Food Ingredients Africa

MENAT - Egypt International Exhibition Center, Cairo, Egypt
Somaia Basha Profile Picture
Somaia Basha Research Manager

Session date and time:

29 May 22 | EET: 03:00 PM -

29 May 22 | EET: 03:30 PM

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Session title: Ingredients and Diets: Developments in Plant-Based Protein
Session description: As consumers increasingly seek plant-based protein ingredients, producers are ever-more interested in plant-based food for health and sustainability; innovation around plant-based protein ingredients is surging. This Presentation explores the concept that besides the approach of focusing on ingredients, producers also need to consider promoting how existing foods can fit into a plant-based diet and encourage consumers to reduce animal protein by substituting more plant-based food.
Date and time of the EMI session: 29 May 2022, 2:00 - 2:30 GST
Name and title of all speaker involved: Somaia Basha, Research Manager
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