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HITT - Hospitality Inside Think Tank

Fflur Roberts Profile Picture
Fflur Roberts Head of Luxury Goods​​

Session date and time:

13 Sep 21 | CET: 07:00 AM -

13 Sep 21 | CET: 07:00 AM

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HITT - Hospitality Inside Think Tank is a prominent conference for the European and international hospitality sector, created as source of inspiration for and with hotel experts and non-hoteliers. The 2021 Programme will be centered around sustainability - enabled by digitalisation, demanded by consumers, driven by government initiatives and embraced by real estate players.

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Session title: How is Customer Behaviour driving and shaping the Sustainability Agenda?
Session description: The session will provide an overview of the travel industry, digging deeper into the key themes accelerating consumer shifts and the sustainable and digital transformations shaping the sector - with a focus on the opportunities for luxury travel specifically.
Session date and time: Monday, 13 September from 13.30 to 14.30 CET
Speaker name: Fflur Roberts, Global Head of Luxury Goods

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鞋服是受疫情影响最严重的行业之一,但就在该行业以超预期的速度复苏时,却遇上了诸多动荡,包括充满不确定性的乌克兰危机和飞速增长的通胀率。这不仅意味着生产成本的上升,供应链进一步陷入困境,还会面临消费者支出的减少。 在如此挑战的背景下,时尚行业正加速转型,以适应疫情后的新世界,本文将探讨这些变化对该行业长期而言将意味着什么。

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