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ICBC - International Cannabis Conference

Europe - Berlin
Shane MacGuill Profile Picture
Shane MacGuill Senior Head of Tobacco Research

Session date and time:

27 Aug 21 | UTC Time: 12:00 AM -

27 Aug 21 | UTC Time: 12:00 AM

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The ICBC is where the world meets cannabis - Europe's largest B2B trade event in Berlin, offering world-class industry networking and investment/capital opportunities within the cannabis industry. The International Cannabis Business Conference has been attended by executives, entrepreneurs and policymakers from over 80 nations and it's designed to connect dynamic and disruptive businesses seeking capital with viable and seasoned investors.

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Session title:

Future of the Global Cannabis Industry

From Taboo to Typical

Session description:

Beyond the haze of hype and dramatic share price fluctuations, the cannabis industry is incrementally penetrating into the realms of FMCG through geographic expansion, democratization, and the adoption of innovative formats and branding sophistication. This session will explore the future evolution of the global cannabis industry - as it sheds its mantle of illicit associations - across markets, consumers, and brand propositions. Leveraging proprietary data, deep industry, and FMCG expertise, expect a roadmap and vision for the emerging market opportunities, demographic profiles, and lifestyle positioning which will shape global cannabis as it comes of age.

Session date and time:

Friday 27th August 4 pm CET

Speakers name:

Shane MacGuill - Global Lead, Nicotine and Cannabis at Euromonitor International

Spiros Malandrakis - Head of Research, Alcoholic Drinks and Cannabis at Euromonitor International

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Latest Content



Alexander Esposito

Alexander Esposito

22 Sep 21



From Taboo to Typical: Global Cannabis Comes of Age

Shane MacGuill

Shane MacGuill

20 Sep 21

As global cannabis industry leaders gathered at the International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin in late August our overarching reflection was of an industry that is - if not maturing - entering the end of its beginning as a legitimate mainstream commercial force. Ultimately, the nature and potency of that force will be determined as much by the industry’s collective ability to address consumer needs as by the intricacies of compliance and complexities of operations.


CBD's Slowdown in the US: What Went Wrong in 2020

Alexander Esposito

Alexander Esposito

7 Sep 21

By the end of 2019, CBD had completed an impressive entry into the American consumer market. In just a year, the non-psychoactive compound had gone from near total obscurity to just over USD4 billion in sales. Fast forward to late 2020, however, and momentum seems to have stalled for this nascent industry. Sales have inched forward at about 20% in year-over-year terms, well below expectations for a product that’s just getting started, and consumer sentiment has become decidedly more mixed. This slowdown comes as a result of an oversaturation of CBD products and regulatory uncertainty that has hampered product launches and quality.


The State of Cannabis in Latin America

Shane MacGuill

Shane MacGuill

31 Aug 21

Latin America is expected to be the second fastest-growing region for cannabis over the next five years. In this episode, Shane MacGuill, global lead of nicotine and cannabis, joins Erwin Henriquez and Rodrigo Mattos, two of our cannabis experts based in Latin America, to discuss the current landscape, emerging trends and opportunities for cannabis in the region.


Key Topics for the Upcoming Year in Drinks, Nicotine and Cannabis

Howard Telford

Howard Telford

12 Aug 21

Companies across drinks, nicotine and cannabis are attempting to reimagine social occasions during recovery from the global pandemic, while their consumers are striving to manage and improve their sense of wellbeing by taking a more mindful approach…


ICBC - International Cannabis Conference

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International

Berlin 27 Aug 21 | UTC Time: 12:00 AM

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