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Lithuanian Business Forum 2022

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Euromonitor International

Session date and time:

23 Feb 22 | EET: 08:45 AM - 25 Feb 22 | EET: 04:45 PM

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Lithuanian Business Forum is the largest annual online business event bringing together a wide audience. Interactive presentations, discussions and webinars - 3 days, 300+ speakers and 15 000+ attendees. The range of topics is wide, so small and medium-sized business as well as large corporate companies will find their suitable topics. 

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Euromonitor presentation title: Top 10 global consumer trends in 2022

Session description: Regional Client Consultant Benas Lapsinas will present Top 10 Global Consumer Trends in 2022 focusing on how these trends affect the Eastern European market. Each trend will be supported by statistical information and case studies on local and global level.

Date and time: February 23, 2022, 9-10:45 EET, Delta hall

Speaker and title: Benas Lapsinas, Regional Client Consultant

Latest Content


Consumer Market Flashpoints: Finding Opportunities Despite the Uncertainty

Jana Rude

Jana Rude

20 Sep 23

In the coming years, consumers and businesses face an array of challenges, with rising inequality, mass migration and prevailing uncertainty about another crisis being among the major ones. Nevertheless, within this are untapped opportunities for companies that take appropriate action and address the disruptions holistically and early on.


Euromonitor's Approach to Consumer Insights

Lisa Holmes

Lisa Holmes

14 Sep 23

Euromonitor International fields surveys and other consumer insights methods as part of our global research. These surveys allow us to contextualise the voice of the consumer alongside our global market data. Watch this video to learn more about our…


Global Energy Vulnerability Index: Unveiling Risks and Opportunities

Aleksandra  Svidler

Aleksandra Svidler

14 Sep 23

As the world’s energy landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, countries around the globe are striving to secure reliable and sustainable energy supply. However, not all nations are positioned equally in this quest for energy security. Our Global Energy Vulnerability Index sheds light on the energy vulnerabilities and strengths of different economies, revealing the challenges they face and the opportunities they can seize to enhance energy security.


Seven Alternative Scenarios for the Global Economy in 2023 and Beyond

Lan Ha

Lan Ha

12 Sep 23

Geopolitical tensions, stagnation in major economies, debt distress and climate change are the key risk factors that could result in further disruptions in the global economy. Macroeconomic shocks can have a major impact on business outcomes as they affect production costs, consumer spending power and market potential. As economic uncertainty persists, companies need to judge their business stability against future shocks and be ready for a range of macroeconomic scenarios.


Top Three Ways Indian Households are Unique

Anjali Jain

Anjali Jain

11 Sep 23

Global households are evolving in a fast-paced world with shifting demographics and changing political, social, economic, and technological situation. India remains one of the biggest consumer markets, though it has major differences when compared to global households. This snapshot aims to briefly highlight those differences over 2023-2040.

Report Extract

Global Economic Forecasts: Q3 2023

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International

5 Sep 23

The latest 2023 quarterly forecast data shows gradual improvements to economic projections for the year. But the global outlook remains weak as challenges persist.

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