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Matthew Oster Profile Picture
Matthew Oster Head of Consumer Health​

Session date and time:

21 Feb 22 | UTC Time: 02:00 PM -

25 Feb 22 | UTC Time: 04:00 PM

This event is now complete. Check out our future events.

The OTCToolbox Consumer Healthcare BD&I Event is a truly global event for anyone working in business development and innovation in the consumer healthcare/OTC industry. The five-day online conference and networking event is the only one dedicated to business development and innovation.

This event has now taken place and is available to access on-demand. 

Session title: Extending OTC's Proposition through Innovation

Session description: This session will examine promising innovations that are likely to drive OTC growth over the coming years. Topics will include:

1) The emergence of product plus service to extend brands’ value proposition towards concepts like integrative self-care, analytics, and consumer education.

2) Sustainability as a competitive driver, by demonstrating purpose, incorporating tracing/sourcing, and prioritising transparency.

3) Leading with science, through developing real-world evidence, adopting personalisation/precision, and building synergistic approaches/applications.

Session date and time: Monday, 21 February at 3:00pm GMT

Speaker name and title: Matthew Oster, Senior Industry Manager, Consumer Health

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