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The Retail Summit

Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Dubai, UAE

Session date and time:

14 Mar 22 | GST: 09:00 AM - 15 Mar 22 | GST: 04:00 PM

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The Retail Summit unites global, c-level executives from retail and parallel industries to create and debate the future of commerce.

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Euromonitor presentation title: Top Five Digital Consumer Trends in 2022

Name and title of all speakers:


ALEXANDER KAYSERl, Director, eyos



ANDREA FRABETTI, CEO, Sunseeker International

And many more.

Latest Content


Top Consumer Trends That Will Change Retail In The Year Ahead

Michelle Evans

Michelle Evans

7 Feb 23

Economic shocks, record-high inflation and supply shortages continue to drive up the cost of living. At the same time, Gen Z is coming of age, forcing retailers and brands to rethink marketing strategies. Plus, tech advances continue to influence purchase habits. These are some of the forces that will shape our lives this year.


How Global Consumer Trends Are Taking Shape in Eastern Europe

Lilija Vladykina

Lilija Vladykina

24 Jan 23

Our team of specialists in Vilnius have identified two of Euromonitor’s Global Consumer Trends which are having the biggest impact on Eastern Europe.


2023 Digital Shopper Trends

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International

2 Feb 23 | UTC Time: 12:00 AM

Michelle Evans and her team share their insights around the tech trends that are redefining commerce in 2023. We explore how product development is being shaped by social platforms, the influence of gaming culture on shopping websites and ways retailers, brands and hospitality operators are offering more personalized experiences.


How Gen Z is Inspiring Grocers to Engage Digital Shoppers in New Ways

Michelle Evans

Michelle Evans

12 Jan 23

In addition to being known for their activism and authenticity, the members of Generation Z are the first true digital natives. As a result, brands that simply attempt to duplicate a store-based marketing strategy in the online realm often miss the mark when attempting to woo these young consumers. Now, US grocery retailers like H-E-B and Albertsons are beginning to use social media in novel ways to engage with these the members of Generation Z on their own terms.


Generational Attitudes and Actions Around Data Privacy

Lisa Holmes

Lisa Holmes

7 Dec 22

Technology has become interwoven with commerce, making it much more important for companies and brands to understand consumers' perceptions and digital habits. To better explore this topic, Euromonitor leverages the expertise of in-house analysts and key stakeholders across impacted industries to launch the annual Voice of the Consumer: Digital Survey.


Why Walmart Could Win On-Demand Delivery Race in the US

Michelle Evans

Michelle Evans

29 Nov 22

While headlines have focused on quick commerce players and their VC-backed pocketbooks, large retailers such as Walmart should not be counted out.

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