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Seamless Australia

Australia & Oceania - Online

Session date and time:

5 May 21 | UTC Time: 12:00 AM -

5 May 21 | UTC Time: 12:00 AM

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Seamless is a fully online event on the future of commerce. Join payments, banking & e-commerce leaders from across Australia and beyond as we come together to share our expertise and navigate the challenges we are all facing.


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Euromonitor International will host a panel discussion with expert leaders within the retail and banking industries.


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Latest Content



Maria Bogdanova

Maria Bogdanova

25 Oct 21



Digital Wallets Emerging as Strong Disruptor to Consumer Payments

Rabia Yasmeen

Rabia Yasmeen

21 Oct 21

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to greater use of digital wallets, as consumers continue to shift away from cash for both online and in-store payments. With gaps in financial services, increased user functions on digital wallets are challenging banks to build their digital capabilities or partner with digital wallets to remain relevant. In addition to more partnerships with merchants and operators, trust in the security of digital wallets will remain an influential feature driving use in the future.


Evolution of Physical Space in Retail and Hospitality

Nadejda Popova

Nadejda Popova

20 Oct 21

Physical spaces have long faced an existential threat from the rise of e-commerce and digital platforms offering quicker, often more agile offerings for a Millennial-driven audience of digital-savvy consumers. The pandemic, however, accelerated this shift in a very short period of time. Many outlets across retail, foodservice and travel were closed as businesses went bankrupt and realised that many of the older models no longer had a future in a post-pandemic market. Consumers, meanwhile, became even more familiar with the digital offerings increasingly available.


Retail Innovation Conference

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International

16 Nov 21 | CT: 10:15 AM

Six Actions Retailers Can Take to Remake the Future Store

Michelle Evans

Michelle Evans

13 Oct 21

In recent years, store formats have blurred, with consumers turning to the digital channel across the path to purchase. As a result, the fundamental purpose of physical and digital channels continues to evolve. Coronavirus (COVID-19) accelerated this transformation, giving a temporary preview of a world where consumers only visit stores to transact and turn to digital to shop. This is unlikely to be the new reality, as social-distancing measures loosen; however, the intensity of the crisis brought these shifts into greater focus.


Euromonitor Predicts the Future of Retail Stores in 2040

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International

11 Oct 21

CHICAGO: E-commerce drove 75% of the $3 trillion growth in global retail sales over the past decade, according to Euromonitor. This digital transformation is forcing retailers to redefine the use of traditional stores to enable immersive, personalized and optimized shopping environments.

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