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Seminario Cenem 2022

Jorge Araya Profile Picture
Jorge Araya Consultant

Session date and time:

31 May 22 | PT: 02:00 AM - 31 May 22 | PT: 05:00 AM

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Cenem, es el Centro de Envases y Embalajes de Chile, una corporación técnica, privada y sin fines de lucro. El espacio agrupa a todas aquellas empresas e instituciones que se encuentran vinculadas con cualquier área de la industria de Envases y Embalajes de Chile.

Session title: Transformación sostenible en América Latina
Session description: Conocer los nuevos hábitos del consumidor latinoamericano, entender el rol de la economía circular en la región y descubrir la importancia de conectar la sostenibilidad con el propósito de la marca serán los temas claves a analizar en esta presentación.
Date and time of the EMI session: 31 May 2022, 10:00am GMT-4
Name and title of all speakers involved: Jorge Araya, Consultant and Jorge Zúñiga, Senior Research Analyst
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Tracking Annual Consumer Sentiment on Sustainability in Packaging

Jared Conway

Jared Conway

9 Jun 23

In recent years, the global sustainability movement has propelled consumers to scrutinise every aspect of their purchasing decisions, particularly when it comes to the packaging of the products they purchase. However, once highly regarded sustainable solutions in packaging are now facing wavering consumer sentiment.


Three Ways to Position Food’s Sustainability in Asia

Emil Fazira

Emil Fazira

5 Jun 23

Sustainability continues to be an important long-term strategy for companies, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic driving purpose-driven initiatives globally. However, greater awareness has not necessarily resulted in action amongst consumers, especially in terms of their food choices. Only one in five consumers in Asia seek sustainably produced or raised products and one in four seek eco-friendliness.


At Shoptalk Europe 2023, Sustainability Moves to the Top of Retailers' Agendas

Marija Milasevic

Marija Milasevic

25 May 23

Shoptalk Europe, held in Barcelona, stands as the premier retail conference in Europe, bringing together brands, retailers, and industry professionals to explore topics such as retail transformation, shifting consumer behaviour, and strategies to adapt to an ever-changing business landscape.


Soft Drinks in the Americas: How Gen Z is Investing in Health

Rodrigo Mattos

Rodrigo Mattos

22 May 23

As Gen Z will become the main consumer force in the future, it is important to understand how they are building their habits and preferences. At the same time, there is a fast evolution in the soft drinks industry to move away from the old perception of it being unhealthy, towards more health and wellness products.

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Sustainability In Times Of Uncertainty

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International

5 May 23

2022 faced simultaneous headwinds: inflation reached record levels around the globe, driven by energy and food shortages because of the war in Ukraine. The ensuing rise in interest rates coupled with growing political tensions has negatively impacted consumer and business confidence, resulting in a projected fall of real GDP to 2.3% in 2023. Against this bleak backdrop, the issue of climate change is more pressing than ever.


Summit Latin America

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International

Latin America 4 May 23 | AT: 02:00 PM

Grupo Ohla, the largest Latin American Marketing & Sales conglomerate, together with the Adam Smith Center from Florida International University (FIU) invites you to the next "Latin American Summit: Market Insights, Trends, and Consumers" to be held on May 3th and 4th, in in Miami, Florida, United States, and will be streamed live to all Latin America.

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