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Sustainable Dairy Alternatives

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel - Asia Pacific
Monique Naval Profile Picture
Monique Naval Senior Research Analyst

Session date and time:

24 May 22 | SGT: 06:40 PM - 25 May 22 | SGT: 07:15 AM

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To stay ahead of the innovation curve, attend the Sustainable DAIRY Alternatives event on the 24 - 25th of May in Singapore and find out what are the new materials & technologies out there and can truly delivering authentic taste, functionality and cleaner label for dairy protein.
Session title: What's New in Plant-Based Dairy and the Future of Animal-Free
Session description: From plant-made milk and yoghurt to cheese alternatives, the dairy-free space continues to see very dynamic innovation, delivering strong growth and attracting key dairy players into the space. This presentation analyses the consumer drivers behind the success of this industry, key hotspots for growth and the latest innovation in the space, including the developments in precision fermentation and cell-cultured dairy to achieve animal-free alternatives.
Date and time of the EMI session: 24 May 2022, 11:40 - 12.15 SGT
Name and title of all speaker involved: Monique Naval, Senior Analyst
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With climate change influencing all consumer sectors, integrating sustainable practices becomes paramount for risk reduction and resilience building. Amidst this, phenomena like El Niño pose additional challenges, altering consumption patterns and sparking new demands, especially in Latin America.

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